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Famly is an incredible app that revolutionizes the way we manage early childhood centers. Say goodbye to time-consuming daily administrative tasks and hello to focusing on what really matters - the children. This app offers a range of tools including staff management, invoicing, and even a news feed to keep everyone in the loop. The best part? Famly also strengthens parent partnerships with instant messaging and updates. Plus, it empowers your staff with collaborative learning journals and easy observations. When staff and parents work together seamlessly, everyone can dedicate their energy to caring for the children. Don't wait, start collaborating easily with Famly today!

Features of Famly:

> Staff management tools: The app offers a variety of tools that simplify staff management tasks, making it easier to organize and schedule your team effectively.

> One-click invoicing: The app provides a seamless invoicing feature that allows you to easily generate and send invoices with just a single click, saving you time and effort.

> News feed posts: Stay updated and informed with the app's news feed feature, where you can post and share important updates and announcements with staff and parents.

> Strengthen parent partnerships: The app facilitates instant messaging and updates, helping you strengthen and maintain strong communication and partnerships with parents, ensuring their involvement in their child's early education.

> Collaborative learning journals: Enhance your staff's professional development by utilizing the app's collaborative learning journal feature, enabling them to share observations, ideas, and best practices with each other.

> Easy observations: The app makes it effortless to conduct observations and record important information about each child's progress, ensuring that their individual needs are met effectively and efficiently.


Famly is the perfect app for early childhood education centers and care providers who want to streamline daily administrative tasks and focus more on the children. With its user-friendly features like staff management tools, one-click invoicing, and news feed posts, Famly guarantees smooth collaboration between staff and parents. By strengthening parent partnerships and offering collaborative learning journals and easy observations, the app promotes a collaborative and child-centric approach in early education. Don't wait any longer, download Famly and experience easy collaboration today!