Call of Duty: Mobile Adds Dedicated Servers in Nigeria for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Released four years ago, Call of Duty: Mobile quickly rose to global success by bringing the immensely popular franchise to smartphones. As with every multiplayer game, dedicated servers play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth experience for players worldwide.

After launching servers in various regions, Activision has finally added dedicated servers for Nigeria following high demand. This follows the success of establishing servers in South Africa last year through strategic efforts.

Technology company Carry1st's proactive involvement through events like Comic Con Africa and collaborations like Nasty C's gaming tournament significantly contributed to growth. Their initiatives nearly doubled the region's active player base, showcasing tangible impact.

Players have long voiced wanting dedicated Nigerian servers to minimize latency issues plaguing their experience. Typically, games automatically assign players to the nearest server region. However, some connect elsewhere to play with friends internationally.

This led to ongoing debate around legality of server switching. For Nigeria, lack of local servers caused immense latency problems. Many resort to VPNs, which masks IP addresses and alters virtual location, but are prohibited in CODM.

This compounded challenges for those seeking smoother gameplay. Numerous appeals for dedicated Nigerian infrastructure finally succeeded with Activision's announcement.

Servers strategically placed in proximity optimize latency and ping. The closer players remain to server areas, the lower latency experienced while gaming.

Carry1st's proactive events and tournaments accelerated CODM's popularity growth in targeted regions. Their initiatives show non-traditional partnership roles positively influencing engagement when goals align.

Players grateful to finally access low-latency experiences on local infrastructure commended persistence. Developers recognized importance providing infrastructure allowing seamless multiplayer across diverse audiences.

Interested gamers can now download CODM through standard app stores, gaining access to optimized experience through new Nigerian deployment. Dedicated servers ensure continued franchise success through satisfied international fanbases.