Unaware of the World

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Introducing Unaware of the World: Step into the shoes of an innocent, yet determined 21-year-old girl as she embarks on a thrilling journey from a small village to the bustling city. Eager to start her new adult life, she soon realizes that the world is not as she imagined. With no experience with the opposite sex and bills piling up, she must navigate the treacherous streets and face the harsh realities of daily life. In "City Bound," players are entrusted with shaping her destiny, deciding which path she will take and how far she will go to survive. Will you guide her towards success or watch as she falls to the lowest depths? The choices are in your hands!

Features of Unaware of the World:

Immersive Storyline: Unaware of the World offers a gripping storyline that follows the journey of a young girl as she navigates the challenges of the big city. Players will become engrossed in the main character's quest to survive and thrive in a new environment.

Realistic Challenges: This app presents players with realistic obstacles that the main character faces on a daily basis. From juggling multiple jobs to dealing with the dangers of city life, users will be captivated by the character's resilience and determination.

Dynamic Decision-Making: One of the most attractive aspects of Unaware of the World is the ability for players to shape the main character's path through their decisions. Every choice made will have consequences, allowing users to fully immerse themselves and explore different outcomes.

Beautiful Visuals: The app features stunning visuals that bring the city and its inhabitants to life. Each scene is carefully designed to enhance the overall experience and draw players further into the narrative.

Emotional Depth: Unaware of the World delves into the emotional journey of the main character, capturing her vulnerabilities, aspirations, and growth. This adds a layer of depth and relatability to the gameplay, making it a truly captivating experience.


Can I change the main character's appearance?

No, the main character's appearance is fixed, but you can customize her outfits and accessories to reflect her personal style.

How long will it take to complete the game?

The duration of the game depends on the choices made by the player. It can range from a few hours to several days of gameplay.

Are there multiple endings?

Yes, the app offers multiple endings based on the decisions made throughout the game. Each ending provides a unique reflection of the main character's journey.


Unaware of the World is an app that captures the essence of a young girl's struggle for survival and self-discovery in a bustling city. With its immersive storyline, realistic challenges, dynamic decision-making, beautiful visuals, and emotional depth, this app offers an experience that will captivate users from start to finish. Whether you want to explore different paths, witness the character's growth, or simply enjoy a visually stunning game, Unaware of the World is a must-download for anyone seeking an engaging and thought-provoking gaming experience.