After Years

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Welcome to After Years, a captivating adult-themed Visual Novel featuring kemono characters. Join Welkin, a young wolf, as he reunites with his childhood friends in the peaceful seaside town of Rochelle during summer vacations. Make decisions that shape the bonds between Welkin and his companions, with the potential for romantic relationships. Love knows no bounds in this game, designed for mature audiences [+18]. If you enjoy the game, consider supporting its development by becoming a Patron. Please note that this build is a work in progress and may differ from the final product. For MacOS users experiencing issues, try the Web-Browser Version. Download now and embark on a thrilling journey!

Features of the App:

- Adult Themed Visual Novel: After Years is an engaging visual novel that caters to mature audiences, offering a unique and immersive storytelling experience.

- Furry Characters: The app features kemono characters, adding a touch of charm and uniqueness to the story. Explore a world filled with anthropomorphic animals.

- Reunion and Friendship: Follow the journey of Welkin, a young wolf, as he reunites with his childhood friends after six long years. Experience the joy and nostalgia of spending a week together in the peaceful seaside town of Rochelle.

- Decision-Making: Make choices that will shape the bonds between Welkin and his three companions. Your decisions have the potential to lead to romantic relationships, allowing you to explore the depths of love and friendship.

- Nudity and Sexual Themes: This app boldly explores intimate relationships between male characters, providing a mature and realistic portrayal of love. Please note that this content is intended for audiences aged 18 and above.

- Continuous Development: Support the development of this app by becoming a Patron. The creators are constantly working on improving the game, ensuring that you have the best possible experience.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of After Years, an adult-themed visual novel that combines furry characters, friendship, and romance. Make choices that will shape the bonds between the characters and experience the joy of reuniting with long-lost friends. With its unique storytelling and mature themes, this app offers an engaging and immersive experience. Support the ongoing development of the game and download it now to embark on a journey of love and self-discovery.