Farm kids games my Farming car

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Farm kids games my Farming car is an engaging and educational app designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5. This app offers a playful way for kids to learn about farming and agriculture. The main activity in the app is building and driving agricultural trucks on a farm. Children will also have the opportunity to care for orange trees and witness the growth process in real time. The app takes kids through the full cycle of harvesting oranges, from planting seeds to squeezing and selling orange juice. With colorful graphics and interactive gameplay, it is sure to entertain and educate young children. Parents also have the option to customize the app settings and access additional levels through a subscription. Get ready for an agro adventure with Farm kids games my Farming car!

Features of Farm kids games my Farming car:

❤️ Funny educational games for children: This app offers entertaining and educational games that will engage and captivate children, making learning a playful experience.

❤️ Build agricultural trucks and drive them around the farm: Kids can build their own farm trucks and explore the virtual farm, enhancing their creativity and imagination.

❤️ Care for orange trees: Children can learn about agriculture by planting orange seeds, watering them, and watching them grow in real time. They will experience the joy of harvesting big and juicy oranges.

❤️ Squeeze orange juice and sell it at the fun-fair: Kids can take their freshly harvested oranges and turn them into delicious orange juice, simulating the process of running a juice business.

❤️ Full cycle of harvesting orange: The app takes children through every step of the orange harvesting process, from assembling trucks to driving seeders and harvesters. They will learn about the various stages of working on a citrus garden.

❤️ Develop fine motor skills and coordination: In addition to being entertaining and educational, the app also helps in the development of fine motor skills and coordination in children. They will become more logical, alert, and attentive.


Download our Farm kids games my Farming car and let your children have a joyful and educational adventure in the world of agriculture. With funny games, attention-grabbing features, and the opportunity to learn about farm life and running a business, this app guarantees an engaging and enriching experience for your child. Join us on this agro adventure and start planting the seeds of knowledge today.



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