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Welcome to Kids learning games Playhouse! This app is not just any ordinary game; it is a fun and educational experience designed specifically for kids and toddlers. With a wide range of activities, this app aims to teach children important skills such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, motor skills, memory, creativity, and more! From brushing teeth, cooking food, doing household chores, to soaking in a tub, there are plenty of mini-games to keep your little ones entertained while they learn. This collection of free family games is suitable for both boys and girls and offers a safe and engaging environment for learning. Whether it's learning the alphabet, recognizing shapes, or developing reasoning skills, Kids learning games Playhouse has it all. With captivating visuals and interactive gameplay, your child will have a blast while learning essential skills for kindergarten and beyond.

Features of Kids learning games Playhouse:

* Fun and educational games: The App offers a collection of free family games designed to make learning enjoyable for kids and toddlers. It covers various subjects such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes, motor skills, memory, and creativity.

* Mini games for different activities: Kids can engage in various activities like brushing teeth, cooking food, doing household chores, soaking in a tub, and more. These mini games help children develop different skills while having fun.

* Learning games for grade school education: The App includes educational mini games suitable for kids aged 3 and above. It covers subjects like numbers, letters, colors, and geometric shapes, helping children learn and develop their cognitive abilities.

* Interactive gameplay: The App features interactive games where kids can solve puzzles, arrange geometric shapes, memorize color sequences, and perform tasks like watering plants and taking care of hygiene. This encourages children to actively participate and engage in the learning process.

* Playhouse world: Within the App, there is a playhouse world with three floors and six rooms. Kids can explore daily routines and household chores in Moonzy's playhouse, including the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and more. This adds an immersive and interactive element to the learning experience.

* Wide range of play items: The App offers hundreds of play items that kids can interact with and discover how they interact with each other. From comparing sizes and weights to coloring books and Christmas tree setup, there are multiple educational tasks and mini games to keep children engaged and learning.


Discover a fun and educational App called Kids learning games Playhouse that offers a wide range of features to help kids learn and develop essential skills. With fun mini games, interactive gameplay, and a playhouse world to explore, children can enjoy activities that enhance their knowledge of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and more. The App is designed to make learning easy and enjoyable for children aged 3 and above. Start your child's learning adventure today with the game! Click here to download.



  • скачиваю всех лунтиков они супер! Особенно этот. Лунтик! обожаю этот мультик!
    2024-06-06 16:41:56
  • Я че первоя
    2024-06-05 20:19:01
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    2024-06-04 18:12:54
  • not bad
    2024-06-04 10:16:57
  • Молодцы, ребята! Интересно придумали! Мы любим Лунтика :)
    2024-06-04 02:51:43
  • good game
    2024-06-02 22:55:41