VPN 3000: Ultra Fast & Secure

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Introducing VPN 3000: Ultra Fast & Secure app, the fastest VPN in the world, trusted by over 1 million users. This app provides a 100% free and unlimited proxy, offering totally unlimited bandwidth and superfast VPN speed. With ProxyMaster-Free Proxy VPN, you can easily connect to different servers distributed worldwide in VPN mode. Stay anonymous while browsing and protect your privacy by downloading the app and connecting quickly and easily to a server. The app offers a fast and secure connection using the OpenVPN protocol. It is completely free with no registration required. Try it now and enjoy unlimited bandwidth, superfast speed, and the ability to access any app or site in any country. No payment or credit card information needed. With multi VPN servers available in various locations, you can choose to connect to VPNs in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, California (USA), Canada, England, Finland, and more. Download the app now and enjoy the benefits of unlimited VPN access.

Features of this App:

- Fast and high VPN speed: VPN 3000: Ultra Fast & Secure offers superfast and high VPN speed, allowing users to browse the internet without any lag or buffering.

- Unlimited bandwidth: Users can enjoy using the VPN without any limitations on bandwidth. This means they can stream videos, download files, and browse websites without worrying about data restrictions.

- Proxy any apps and sites in any country: The app allows users to bypass geographical restrictions and access blocked websites or apps from anywhere in the world.

- No registration or payment required: Unlike many other VPN services, this app does not require users to register or provide any payment information. It is completely free to use.

- Multiple VPN servers: The app provides users with a wide selection of VPN servers located in different countries, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, and more. This allows users to choose a server that suits their needs and preferences.

- Simple and user-friendly interface: The app is designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it convenient for users to connect to the VPN server with just one click.


VPN 3000: Ultra Fast & Secure offers fast and reliable VPN services with unlimited bandwidth, allowing users to browse the internet securely and anonymously. With its wide range of VPN servers and user-friendly interface, it provides a convenient solution for users who want to access blocked websites or protect their privacy while browsing. The fact that it is completely free and does not require registration or payment makes it an attractive option for users looking for a VPN service. Click here to download the app and start enjoying a fast and secure internet browsing experience.



  • not working properly
    2024-06-18 17:50:02
  • Very much ues able and good connecting way about out of country
    2024-06-18 04:56:14
  • very nice VPN is life treating
    2024-06-18 00:20:15
  • Very good and excellent service
    2024-06-17 04:05:15
  • Hong Kong server very slow
    2024-06-17 00:07:25
  • Not really treating me 100% well, Sometimes hard to connect... Ads distraction.fix it pleases.
    2024-06-16 18:30:59