Simple Gallery Pro Video & Photo Manager & Editor

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Simple Gallery Pro Video & Photo Manager & Editor: File Manager and Editor is an incredible app designed specifically for Android users who want to effortlessly manage and enhance their photo and video files. With this tool, not only can you easily organize and distribute your media files, but you can also indulge in some enjoyable entertainment and utilize practical editing features. The best part? You don't need an active internet connection to use it. This app offers a wide range of captivating filters, the ability to fine-tune image parameters, and efficient storage and editing options for your videos. Additionally, it ensures the utmost security of your files, allowing you to set individual passwords for photos and videos, guaranteeing their protection from prying eyes. Moreover, even if you accidentally miss out an important piece of media, fear not, as you can always recover it from the built-in trash bin. Experience the ultimate ease and convenience with Simple Gallery Pro Video & Photo Manager & Editor: File Manager and Editor.

Features of Simple Gallery Pro Video & Photo Manager & Editor :

* File Manager and Editor: Simplify photo and video file management on your Android device.

* View and Structure: Easily view and organize your photos and videos in a user-friendly interface.

* Entertainment: Enjoy using this app as a source of pleasant entertainment.

* High-Quality Editing: Edit your photos and videos with filters and other tools for professional-looking results.

* Offline Access: No need for an Internet connection to use this app.

* File Security: Protect your files with password encryption and secure storage, ensuring their safety.


With Simple Gallery Pro Video & Photo Manager & Editor, you can effortlessly manage, edit, and enjoy your photo and video files on your Android device. The app offers high-quality editing tools, offline access, and file security, making it a must-have for all Android users. Click here to download and enhance your multimedia experience today!