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Routin is a multi-stop route planning app that is perfect for drivers who need to visit multiple addresses on a daily basis. With Routin, you can easily create a route, add stops, and click optimize to have the app plan the most efficient route for you. You can select the starting and ending stops or let Routin select the ending stop for you. The optimized order of stops can be viewed in a list or on a map. You can follow along your optimized route using a selected navigation app. Key features include the ability to add up to 300 stops per route and optimize them for free, the option to add extra information to stops such as phone number and email address, the ability to import multiple stops data from a file, and the ability to manage contacts and addresses using an Address Book feature. Whether you are a courier, healthcare provider, salesperson, or tourist, Routin is the perfect app to optimize your routes and save time and fuel. Download now to streamline your daily deliveries and enjoy a smoother ride!

Features of this App:

- Route Optimization: The app allows you to create routes by adding stops and then optimize them according to the selected locations. This feature helps drivers finish their jobs in a shorter time.

- Add 300 Stops per Route: Users can add up to 300 stops per route and optimize them for free. If credits are not enough, they have the option to continue using the app by watching video ads, purchasing credits, or subscribing.

- Voice Input Feature: Users can use their own language and utilize the voice input feature to add stops or notes, making it easier and quicker to input information.

- Integration with Navigation Apps: The app allows users to follow along their optimized route using a selected navigation app like Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Waze, Here We Go, or any other GPS navigation apps.

- Extra Information for Stops: Users can add additional information to stops, such as phone numbers, email addresses, groups, notes, photos, etc. This feature helps provide more context and details for each stop.

- Address Book: The Address Book feature enables users to manage their contacts, customers, and delivery or visit addresses. They can store names, phone numbers, photos, locations, and addresses of their stops. Multiple stops data can also be imported using various file formats.


Overall, this MultiStop Route Planner and Optimizer app provides a convenient and efficient solution for drivers who need to visit multiple addresses daily. By optimizing the route and providing features like voice input, integration with navigation apps, and extra information for stops, the app helps users save time, improve efficiency, and increase daily deliveries. With the option to add up to 300 stops per route and the ability to import data from multiple sources, the app offers flexibility and scalability for different industries and sectors. Whether it's for cargo services, health services, sales/marketing, or transportation planning, this app can assist in creating optimized routes and managing visit records effectively.



  • First address I tried to find didn't show up. Not a great start, unable to use if can't find address by company, street or postcode
    2024-04-02 21:22:01
  • I am routing for a church. It is awesomely easy to use and provides what I need!
    2024-04-02 12:34:25
  • Great for planning multiple drops.
    2024-04-02 11:54:46
  • The app has helped me a lot in my daily routine. The optimized path for different routes decrease the amount of wasted time on road. I will definitely continue using this app for a long time.
    2024-04-01 18:35:25
  • I would love to give 5 stars. But recently, the app got some glitch. Key in correct postal code but shows wrong address... :( Install and uninstall again but still the same issue. Please fix please.. i need it for work.
    2024-03-30 02:53:44
  • Only 90% of my addresses are being found other than that most of the experience is great except the address bar has to be manually cleared before a new one can be entered
    2024-03-29 20:29:42