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TaxMode is a powerful income tax calculator and planner app that is perfect for both financial professionals and casual users. With updated tax computations for 2024, 2023, and 2022, it covers all your tax needs. From regular income tax to self-employment tax, qualified business income deduction, and more, TaxMode has you covered. It also offers features like what-if analysis, email reports, and detailed data entry options. Developed by Sawhney Systems, a trusted name in financial planning software, the app is a reliable and efficient tool for all your tax planning needs. Download now and experience its capabilities for yourself.

Features of the TaxMode: Income Tax Calculator App:

- Updated for multiple tax years: The app is regularly updated to include the latest tax computations for the current and upcoming tax years, ensuring accurate calculations.

- Comprehensive tax computations: The app covers various tax computations, including regular income tax, self-employment tax, qualified business income deduction, net investment income tax, and more. It also considers deductions, exemptions, and credits.

- What-if analysis: This app allows users to perform what-if analysis by comparing alternative scenarios. This feature helps users understand the potential tax impact of different financial decisions.

- Quarterly estimated tax support: The app provides support for calculating quarterly estimated taxes, generating reports, and filling out the IRS 1040ES form. This feature is particularly useful for self-employed individuals or those with irregular income.

- Detailed data entry options: Users can choose between summary or detailed data entry options, depending on their preference and the level of detail they want to include in their tax calculations.

- Enhanced functionality and reporting: TaxMode offers enhanced data entry, the ability to load and save plans, pie charts, multiple reports, and automatic limitation of maximum amounts allowed for certain deductions.


TaxMode is a powerful and user-friendly income tax calculator app that caters to the needs of both financial professionals and casual users. With its comprehensive tax computations, regular updates, and what-if analysis feature, it provides a valuable tool for tax planning and analysis. Whether you're a tax professional looking to enhance your productivity or an individual wanting to analyze the tax impact of financial decisions, TaxMode is a reliable and efficient app. Developed by Sawhney Systems, a trusted provider of financial planning software, this app ensures accuracy and functionality. Download now to simplify your tax planning and computation process.



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