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Are you struggling to quit drinking? ThenНе пью app is exactly what you need! The app allows you to track the time since your last drink, helping you stay in control. But that's not all - it also lets you set goals and monitor your progress, provides information on over 80 alcohol-related diseases, debunks myths, and presents facts about the harmful effects of alcohol. Plus, you'll find inspiring quotes, tips for quitting, a blood alcohol calculator, addiction tests, and even visuals highlighting the dangers of alcohol. With a sleek and customizable widget, this app is perfect for anyone committed to a sober lifestyle. Remember, anyone can quit drinking.

Features of Не пью:

* Time Tracker: The app allows you to monitor the time that has passed since your last drink, helping you track your progress in quitting alcohol.

* Goal Setting: You can set personal goals and easily track your progress towards achieving them, providing you with motivation and a sense of accomplishment.

* Health Improvement: The app provides information on over 80 alcohol-related diseases, helping you understand the impact alcohol has on your health and inspiring you to make positive changes.

* Educational Content: You can access myths, facts, and advantages related to giving up alcohol, keeping you informed and reinforcing your decision to quit.

* Supportive Community: The app offers advice, quotes, and the attitudes of different religions towards alcohol, creating a supportive environment for individuals who are quitting or have quit drinking.

* Additional Tools: The app features a blood alcohol calculator, alcoholism tests, and multimedia content like images, demotivators, and videos that highlight the harmful effects of alcohol.


If you're looking to stop drinking, the "Не пью" app is your ideal solution. With its time tracking, goal setting, and health improvement features, you can successfully monitor your progress and stay motivated. The app also provides educational content, community support, and additional tools, making your journey to a alcohol-free lifestyle more manageable. Take control of your life and say goodbye to alcohol with "Не пью"! Click here to download the app now.



  • Не эффективно. Набухался, пока скачивалось приложение
    2024-06-11 05:49:34
  • ошенамана хорочее предложение
    2024-06-10 20:42:10
  • Слишком часто вылезает полноэкранная реклама, которую судорожно пытаешься закрыть. Удалил.
    2024-06-10 06:57:12
  • Хорошое приложение, но надо зделать виджет на рабочий стол такой как в ''Не курю!''
    2024-06-08 20:09:39
  • Не работает покупка Про версии, без рекламы. Кусок г0вн4.
    2024-06-07 11:12:28
  • Прочитал мифы, потянуло выпить.
    2024-06-07 09:16:02