Onmyoji's Divinity's Doom Update Introduces Voiced SSR Shikigami Izanami and Exciting Summons

NetEase Games' Onmyoji welcomes its "Divinity's Doom" update featuring new summons and content. Available November 22nd, players can acquire voiced SSR shikigami Izanami through enticing summoning events.

Divinity's Doom introduces unique "New Horizons" and "Vintage Classics" summon pools distinct from regular summons. Players choose their preferred version, accruing stage rewards, special rewards, and Memory Scroll bonuses. Either ensures an SP/SSR by the 60th summon, resetting the "Unlucky Streak" if obtained sooner. Utilizing Mystery Amulets, Jades and AR Amulets performs 40 extra summons, rewarding a random SP/SSR.

Onmyoji's Divinity's Doom Update Introduces Voiced SSR Shikigami Izanami and Exciting Summons Image 1

The update encourages players to strategize formidable teams for diverse gameplay rewarded with exclusive event items. These exchange for skins like fan-favorite Misty Monk Aobozu alongside SSR/SP Scrolls, frames, Skill Daruma, limited art, Jade, and more treasures.  

From November 22nd to December 12th, the SSR Izanami Memory Scrolls event awards rewards based on contribution levels. Players obtain Scrolls Shard items through various modes used to repair the Memory Scroll. Each repair provides random prizes, distributing top-tier items like Izanami shards and event frames to highest-ranked repairers upon completion.

Onmyoji’s "Divinity's Doom" brings new summoning excitement acquiring voiced character Izanami. Players flex creativity assembling optimized teams across modes to earn enticing bounty. New summon versions offer flexibility pursuing powerful additions idealized through guarantees. Repairing the Memory Scroll becomes a community-wide venture supplying all participants with precious items based on participation levels.

NetEase Games sustains Onmyoji’s engaged playerbase through compelling new character introductions and enthralling limited-time challenges. Both casual and seasoned followers enjoy regular feature innovations along with high production values maintaining the franchise at the forefront of mobile gaming. Fans eagerly anticipate additional details on this divine update spreading omens of prosperity throughout the realm.