Halloween: Funny Pumpkins Mod

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Step into the world of Halloween: Funny Pumpkins Mod and experience the ultimate fun-filled festival for the entire family! Dress up as monsters or ghosts, join the masquerade of unbelievable creatures, and run through the streets to scare strangers and collect sweets. This interactive app brings you a hilarious and entertaining Halloween story. Follow the adventures of Hippo and her little brother Ji as they journey through a magical door to the land of monsters. Help them retrieve their stolen sweets before the last pumpkin goes dark. Navigate through a minefield of sleeping pumpkins, feed a caramel monster for more treats, and use a vacuum cleaner to collect ghosts. This action-packed app is filled with puzzles, jokes, and exciting arcade games. Get ready for an incredible Halloween adventure like no other! Muahaha, ready to be scared?

Features of Halloween: Funny Pumpkins Mod:

- Funny Fest for All: Halloween is a funny fest that brings joy and laughter to both kids and adults. It's a time to dress up as monsters or ghosts and participate in a masquerade of unbelievable creatures.

- Exciting Tasks: Halloween is full of entertaining tasks like running through the streets, scaring strangers, telling frightening stories to friends, and collecting sweets. The app offers a variety of arcades, puzzles, and action to make these tasks even more enjoyable.

- Interactive Family Story: The app presents an interactive family story that will keep you engaged from start to finish. Join Hippo and her little brother Ji as they embark on a thrilling adventure to retrieve their stolen sweets from the monster land.

- Challenging Gameplay: Help the kids navigate through a minefield of furious sleeping pumpkins, feed the caramel monster to earn more sweets, cure a huge pumpkin head, and vacuum up ghosts along the way. The app offers a combination of arcade, puzzle, and action gameplay for an immersive experience.

Tips for Users:

- Pay attention to the minefield: Be cautious while traversing the minefield, as every mine is a furious sleeping pumpkin. Avoid touching them to progress safely.

- Feed the caramel monster strategically: The caramel monster produces sweets, so feed it wisely to maximize your rewards. Plan your moves carefully to collect as many sweets as possible.

- Solve puzzles to progress: Encounter crafty puzzles throughout the game and use your problem-solving skills to overcome them. Pay attention to details and think outside the box to find solutions.

- Vacuum up ghosts efficiently: Use the vacuum cleaner to collect all the ghosts that appear on your way. Be quick and accurate to ensure you don't miss any, as they contribute to your progress.


Welcome to the land of Forever Halloween, where the fun never ends! Halloween: Funny Pumpkins Mod offers an exciting and entertaining experience for the whole family. Join Hippo and Ji in a thrilling adventure as they navigate through challenging tasks, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles in the monster land. With its combination of arcade, puzzle, and action gameplay, this interactive family story guarantees a fun and immersive experience. So, put on your costume, prepare for unforgettable adventures, and let the Halloween spirit guide you through this exciting journey! Download Halloween: Funny Pumpkins Mod now and get ready to be spooked with laughter!