Drift Car Racing

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Introducing Drift Car Racing! Experience the ultimate drift racing game with our newly released app! Drift Racer will provide you with an exhilarating racing experience, allowing you to steer your car using your phone or tablet sensor. The game features the best car physics, making it incredibly realistic. Can you master the hand brake and make the perfect drift? With the option to race in the city or enjoy a thrilling night race, you'll never get bored. Choose from five different cars, each with its own unique properties, and unlock more as you earn coins through races. We value your feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your comments and suggestions.

Features of Drift Car Racing:

⭐️ Realistic Drift Racing Experience: Get ready for the best drift racing experience that will make you feel like you're actually steering a car with your phone or tablet sensor. The app offers the best car physics for a truly immersive gameplay.

⭐️ Exciting Night Racing: Take your drift skills to new heights with night racing in the city. Experience the adrenaline rush as you navigate through the streets under the moonlight.

⭐️ Different Cars with Unique Properties: Choose from 5 different cars, each with its own unique properties. Some cars are faster, some are better controllable, and some have better spring. Select the car that suits your style and conquer the drift tracks.

⭐️ Customizable Settings: Adjust the game to your preferences with the customizable settings menu. Fine-tune the steering sensitivity to achieve the perfect control over your car.

⭐️ Diverse Maps: Explore two different night cities and an empty factory space. Immerse yourself in the realistic graphics of Night City 1 and experience the thrill of drifting on the busy streets of New York in Night City.

⭐️ Unlockable Cars with Coins: Start with a default car and race your way to earn coins. Use the earned coins to unlock and upgrade other cars, adding variety and excitement to your drifting adventures.


Immerse yourself in the perfect drift racing adventure with Drift Racer! Immerse yourself in realistic graphics and intuitive controls as you navigate through night cities and unlock a variety of cars. Customize your settings to suit your drifting skills and become the ultimate drift champion. Download Drift Car Racing now and start your thrilling race!