Ultimate Fishing! Fish Game

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Welcome to Ultimate Fishing! Fish Game, a revolutionary mobile fishing experience crafted for anglers worldwide! Dive into lifelike fishing environments, starting at Antler Lake and venturing to Bahia Honda and beyond. Each locale boasts its own fish species to add to your collection. Experience unparalleled realism with meticulously detailed water, weather, and fish behavior. Engage in solo relaxation or competitive tournaments for rewards. Upgrade lure cards to reel in bigger catches. With diverse fish species, unique environments, and challenging missions, Ultimate Fishing offers an immersive angling adventure for all skill levels. Get hooked today!

Features of Ultimate Fishing! Fish Game:

* Realistic Fishing Environments: The game features a variety of realistic fishing environments, such as Antler Lake, Bahia Honda, Las Vueltas, and Oyster Bay, each with its own unique and stunning fish to catch.

* High Level of Realism: The game realistically simulates the fishing spot and the fish found in each location. The water, weather, lighting conditions, reflections, fish, and their texture are all rendered in high detail, providing a truly immersive fishing experience.

* Wide Range of Fishing Options: Players can choose to go fishing in solo mode or participate in Tournaments to rank up the leaderboard and win amazing rewards. Whether you're a casual player or an experienced angler, you can enjoy the seamless visual flow of equipping a lure and catching fish.

* Broad Variety of Fish Species: The game includes a wide variety of fish species, such as bass, trouts, carp, salmon, and even elusive sharks. Players can test their skills and try to catch them all, using boosts to increase their chances of catching rare fish.

* Variety of Missions and Tournaments: The game offers a variety of missions and tournaments for players to participate in, including daily and hourly tournaments. These challenges add excitement and competition, allowing players to thrive and improve their fishing skills.

* Comprehensive Fishing Simulator: The game is a comprehensive and realistic fishing simulator that provides players with the thrill of fishing in different environments. The combination of high realism, variety of fishing techniques, and locations makes it an engaging and enjoyable experience for both casual and serious anglers.


Ultimate Fishing is the ultimate fishing game for all anglers and fishing enthusiasts worldwide. With its realistic environments, high level of realism, wide range of fishing options, variety of fish species, missions and tournaments, and comprehensive fishing simulation, this app offers an immersive and thrilling fishing experience that will keep you hooked for hours, months, and seasons. Click to download and join the hunt for fish today!



  • I previously purchased "No Ad's" but after a uninstall and reinstall of the game I have lost all progress and purchases made in the game. Yes, I did login to the correct Facebook account. If anyone can help me with this as I cannot get the developer to respond, I would greatly appreciate it.
    2024-06-11 18:43:40
  • Sure whish when I go to change my lure it would stay on the screen instead of bouncing around for 7 minutes trying to change my bait. Aggravating as all get out
    2024-06-10 23:08:50
  • Good game and I really enjoy playing, but very expensive things to buy. Also it stops often while you play. Keeps blocking while you play. That really makes you upset and angry.
    2024-06-10 20:09:30
  • Just started. Playing. Seems like a game that you could take the fast lane and purchase but not required. Underwater action play woold be nice. Really like that you can walk around and fish anywhere you want. This is the most realistic fishing game that is also very fun. Plus you dont have to spend money if you are willing to be 0atient and view some ads. I have tried about a dozen fish games and like this one best. Update: just reinstalled today. It's gonna be my go t9 game.
    2024-06-10 17:05:18
  • Still trying to get my old game back, that never happened if you switch phones you lose everything. But worse yet if you dont pay, you lose. I must have tried every bait every time of day everyspot to catch 10 fish on a certain level. Nothing, I catch everything else but that. So unbelievably frustrating. Don't waste your time.
    2024-06-10 15:08:05
  • This game is actually really relaxing and fun at the same time. There are a couple of things that would make it better in my opinion, like when you are reeling a spinner bait and a fish bites, sometimes it doesn't register the pull to hook the fish because you were still reeling the lure.. But that is minor considering how good this game is.. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I don't have $5 or credit to get rid of those annoying adds that pop up everytime you switch screens..
    2024-06-10 02:58:49