Rally Racer Dirt

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Introducing the exhilarating racing game, Rally Racer Dirt! Get ready to embark on an adrenaline-filled journey as you drift and conquer both asphalt and dirt terrains. This game takes the rally racing experience to a whole new level with its superior realism and breathtaking graphics. Choose from a variety of 13 rally cars, each fully customizable with adjustable suspension, ride height, and gearbox ratios. Upgrade your vehicles and fine-tune their driving properties to dominate the tracks. Speaking of tracks, enjoy the thrill of racing on 5 different terrain types including tarmac, gravel, and grass. With three exciting game modes to choose from - survival, challenge, and real-time multiplayer - Rally Racer Dirt guarantees endless hours of heart-pounding fun. See if you can become the ultimate rally racer by outperforming your friends or challenging random players in thrilling multiplayer races. Will you be the next Ken Blocks or Collin McRae? Get behind the wheel and find out!

Features of Rally Racer Dirt:

❤️ Realtime Multiplayer Mode - Race against real people, either your friends or random players, to test your rally racing skills and compete for the ultimate victory.

❤️ 13 Different rally cars - Choose from a wide variety of rally cars, each with their own unique characteristics and attributes, to find the perfect match for your racing style.

❤️ Tunable cars with adjustable suspension, anti roll bar, ride height, and gearbox ratios - Customize and fine-tune your rally car to your liking, allowing for optimal performance and control on different terrains.

❤️ Upgradable cars and drive properties - Improve and upgrade your rally car over time, unlocking new capabilities and enhancing its overall performance on the tracks.

❤️ 5 Different tuned and enjoyable tracks - Experience the thrill of racing on a variety of tracks that offer different ground surfaces, such as tarmac, gravel, and grass, each with its own effects on grip, drifting, and vehicle physics.

❤️ Carefully tuned car physics and controls - Enjoy a realistic racing experience with accurate car physics and intuitive controls that provide a smooth and immersive gameplay.


Rally Racer Dirt is the ultimate drift-based rally game that offers an exhilarating racing experience. With its realistic controls and stunning graphics, you'll feel like a professional rally racer as you climb hills and drift on asphalt and dirt tracks. The game provides a variety of features, including a multiplayer mode, a wide selection of rally cars, customizable tuning options, upgradable cars, and diverse tracks. Whether you're competing against real people or challenging yourself in different game modes, Rally Racer Dirt is the perfect choice for racing enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of rally racing by downloading the app now.