Sky Resort - Delphi & Jessy

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Welcome to Sky Resort - Delphi & Jessy, the ultimate destination for the elite. In this high-quality visual experience designed for adults, you become the new general managers of not one, but two organizations. One is a lavish vacation spot for the rich and famous, while the other is a discreet hideaway for those who desire privacy. The success of this hidden oasis is crucial for your financial and reputational well-being. Every guest, especially those in the secretive category, must have their every whim catered to. Get ready to work hard to create the perfect stay for these discerning individuals.

Features of Sky Resort - Delphi & Jessy:

❤️ High-quality visual project: The app offers stunning graphics and visuals that create an immersive experience for the users, making it visually appealing and enjoyable to play.

❤️ Become a general manager of an elite resort: Users have the opportunity to step into the role of a general manager and take charge of running a prestigious resort. They will have the authority to make important decisions and manage various aspects of the resort.

❤️ Dual organization management: Players are not limited to managing just one organization but two. They have the chance to oversee a high-profile vacation spot for the rich and famous, as well as a discreet and exclusive vacation spot for the extremely wealthy who prefer privacy.

❤️ Exclusive and secretive vacation experience: The app caters to the desires of wealthy individuals who want to enjoy their vacation without drawing attention. Users will need to ensure that every request and desire of these guests is fulfilled, offering a unique and personalized experience.

❤️ Financial and reputational well-being: The success of the second organization is crucial for financial and reputational well-being. Users must work hard to ensure that the stay of guests in the exclusive vacation spot goes perfectly, as it directly impacts their resort's reputation and financial prosperity.

❤️ Dedicated and personalized service: The app emphasizes the importance of providing personalized and dedicated service to the guests of the exclusive vacation spot. Users will have to go the extra mile to meet every request and ensure an unforgettable experience for the wealthy clientele.


Sky Resort - Delphi & Jessy is a visually stunning app that allows users to step into the role of a general manager and run both a high-profile vacation spot and an exclusive, secretive resort. By offering personalized and dedicated service to wealthy guests, players can ensure financial and reputational well-being. Experience the thrill of managing a prestigious resort in this high-quality visual project. Download now to embark on an immersive and fulfilling resort management journey.