Succum Brewery

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Introducing Succum Brewery, a captivating adult bar management game that takes you on a thrilling journey of corruption, hypnosis, and submission. Join Catherine as she navigates the challenges of running a rooftop bar in the bustling Peach Towers. With the help of the dormant AI, IO, Catherine must serve drinks, interact with customers, and make strategic decisions to enhance the bar's reputation. Will she succumb to IO's control or find her own path to freedom? With monthly updates and exclusive early access for Patreons, don't miss out on this immersive and enticing gaming experience. Support Succum Brewery and download now!

Features of Succum Brewery:

- Unique adult bar management game: It offers a refreshing and unique gaming experience by combining elements of adult themes, corruption, hypnosis, submission, poor work-life balance, and more.

- Monthly updates: The game is regularly updated with new content, ensuring that players always have something fresh and exciting to explore.

- Early access for Patreons: By becoming a Patreon supporter, you can enjoy exclusive access to the game two weeks before each public release. Be among the first to dive into the captivating world of Succum Brewery.

- Engaging storyline: Follow Catherine's journey as she finds herself stranded on the rooftop of Peach Towers, a mega-skyscraper. Help her navigate through challenges such as chuds, manipulative neighbors, an aggressive landlord, and more.

- Bar management and customer service: Take charge of a rooftop bar with the help of the AI partner, IO. Serve drinks, engage in small talk, and flirt with customers to improve the bar's reputation. Upgrade the bar in various ways as your reputation grows.

- Multiple gameplay options: In addition to managing the bar, Catherine can also explore the rooftop, search for clues, make friends, earn money, and even attempt to escape if she desires. The game offers a range of choices and paths to suit different playstyles.


Succum Brewery is an immersive and captivating adult bar management game that goes beyond the typical adult game experience. With its unique combination of corruption themes, engaging storyline, regular updates, and early access for Patreons, this game offers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience. Whether you're interested in managing a bar, exploring a rooftop, or making impactful decisions, it has something for everyone. Join us in supporting the development of this game and be a part of creating a truly exceptional gaming experience. Click now to download and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the game.