College Brawl

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Introducing "College Brawl", an exciting app available for Android, PC, and Mac (Mac users, please read the note). Join Ken, a college student, on a thrilling journey to retrieve his friends' stolen belongings from the notorious Red Kat Gang. With 5 stages and 5 bosses, you'll be hooked from start to finish. But that's not all - the game also features 26 sex animations and 6 images in extras mode. Download it now and immerse yourself in this action-packed story!

Features of the App:

- Two Unique Stories: College Brawl features two captivating stories, one where you play as Ken, a college student, and another where you play as Anko, Ken's little sister. Each story has its own set of challenges and objectives.

- Exciting Gameplay: With multiple stages and bosses to defeat, the app offers an engaging gameplay experience. Players will have to use their skills to overcome obstacles and save their friends from the Red Kat Gang.

- Stunning Visuals: The app includes 26 sex animations and 6 images in Ken's story, as well as 10 sex animations and 5 images in Anko's story. These visuals can be viewed in the extras mode, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the game.

- Unique Power-Ups: In Ken's story, players have the option to recover HP points or engage in sex to recover KI. HP points can be used to restore health, while KI powers up the character. In Anko's story, defeating enemies will randomly drop food items with different effects, such as adding HP points or increasing KI power.

- Challenging Knockout State: If Anko gets hit three times within a short period of time, she will be knocked out, allowing enemies to have sex with her. Players must quickly press the designated buttons to wake her up and continue the game.

- Improved Versions: The app has undergone updates to fix glitches and improve user experience. The latest version includes fixes for button glitches, animation issues, UI improvements, and more.


Experience the thrilling adventures of Ken and Anko as they battle against the Red Kat Gang and save their friends. With captivating stories, stunning visuals, unique power-ups, and challenging gameplay, College Brawl offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Download now to embark on an unforgettable journey and prove your skills in defeating the bosses and overcoming obstacles.