Fox Family Simulator

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Step into the thrilling world of Fox Family Simulator! Embrace the life of a cunning fox as you explore the vast and enchanting forest. Start by finding a partner to form your very own fox family, aiding each other in battles against dangerous creatures. As you progress, complete various missions to earn valuable experience and coins to enhance your skills and survival abilities. Unlock powerful and unique breeds of foxes to further conquer the wilderness. But beware of fearsome bosses lurking in the shadows! With stunning visuals and an open-world adventure, Fox Family Simulator will keep you entertained as you build your dynasty. Don't forget to claim your daily rewards! Get ready to jump, hunt, and protect in this captivating fox simulation game!

Features of Fox Family Simulator:

* Create and protect your fox family: Find a partner and create a family to fight against dangerous beasts and protect your loved ones.

* Complete missions: Get experience and coins by completing various missions in the forest. Use the rewards to improve your characters and survive in the wild.

* Improve your survival skills: Level up, complete missions, and earn coins to enhance your fox's characteristics. Increase health, energy, and damage power to protect your family and survive.

* Choose from different animal breeds: Start with the forest fox and unlock stronger breeds like American, Darwin, Securan, and more. Each breed has unique characteristics that will aid your survival.

* Beware of bosses: While exploring the forest, stay vigilant of the ringleaders of bears, tigers, wolves, and many other animals. Face these challenges and emerge victorious.

* Adventure in an open world: Journey through a beautiful fall forest, collecting coins to buy new breeds and improve your family's characteristics. Explore this dangerous world and survive.


Play Fox Family Simulator and experience the thrill of living like a fox! Create a family, complete missions, and protect your loved ones from dangerous beasts. With different animal breeds, boss battles, and an open world to explore, this app offers endless adventures. Improve your fox's characteristics and survival skills to thrive in this exciting and challenging environment. Daily gifts, easy controls, and an engaging gameplay experience await you. Start your fox adventure today!