Millionaire Ver.2

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Introducing Millionaire Ver.2, a thrilling card game inspired by the classic tabletop favorite from 1994. This revamped version, developed on Unity, showcases the dedication and passion put into making a seemingly simple game. Dive into a world of trivia and strategy as you answer questions and navigate through challenges, all while aiming to become a virtual millionaire. Can you outsmart your opponents and climb the leaderboard? If you have any feedback or suggestions to enhance this captivating experience, the developer would love to hear from you. Get ready to test your knowledge and take a shot at virtual fortune in Millionaire Ver.2!

Features of Millionaire Ver.2:

- Based on a classic tabletop game: Millionaire Ver.2 is a card game that is inspired by a beloved tabletop game published in "Class" magazine for young people in - It brings back the nostalgia of playing a game that was popular during our childhood.

- Easy to play: The game is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Even though it took a lot of effort to create, the gameplay itself is straightforward, making it accessible to players of all ages and experience levels.

- Developed on Unity: Millionaire Ver.2 is the creator's first game made on Unity, a powerful game development engine. This ensures a smooth and seamless gaming experience for the users.

- Engaging gameplay: The app's inspiration and dedication are evident in its captivating gameplay. It will keep you entertained and hooked for hours, with each card bringing a sense of excitement and challenge.

- Open to suggestions and comments: The developer is open to feedback and suggestions from the users. Your input will be valuable in improving the game further and making it even more enjoyable. Your voice matters in shaping the future updates.

- Nostalgic and enjoyable: Whether you have played the original tabletop game or not, Millionaire Ver.2 invokes a sense of nostalgia and joy. It creates an immersive gaming experience that will bring a smile to your face and fill you with delight.


Millionaire Ver.2 is a card game that pays homage to a classic tabletop game from the past. With its easy-to-play mechanics, engaging gameplay, and open-mindedness towards user feedback, this app promises an enjoyable and nostalgic gaming experience. Download now and relive the excitement of the past while embracing the future of gaming.