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Introducing Gamestar App & Play, the ultimate companion app for popular board games and card games like Press Your Luck, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and more! Take your TV gameshow experiences to the next level with official interactive components from the hottest gameshows. The Family Feud Buzzer board game appcessory features dual game modes and classic sound effects straight from the show. The Press Your Luck Board Game comes to life with the fully interactive "Big Board" appcessory. And for road trips, Gamestar offers stand-alone games like Movie Trivia and Most Likely To. Download now and enhance your game night! Please note that Gamestar free appcessory games require physical board games and cards to play.

Features of Gamestar App&Play:

- Interactive Appcessories: The Gamestar App & Play offers official interactive components from popular TV gameshows such as Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Deal or No Deal. These Appcessories enhance the gameplay experience by providing dual game modes, sound effects, and fully interactive features.

- Variety of Board Games: The app supports a wide range of TV gameshow board games and card games including Press Your Luck, Family Feud, Supermarket Sweep, and more. Users can bring their favorite games to life by using the Gamestar App & Play Appcessories.

- Growing Collection of Stand-alone Games: In addition to the TV gameshow Appcessories, Gamestar also offers a collection of stand-alone games called Gamestar-2-Go. These games are perfect for road trips and provide entertainment on the go.

- Movie Trivia: The app includes a game called Gamestar 'Movie Trivia', which tests users' film knowledge with questions from the biggest box office hits. Movie buffs can challenge their friends and family to see who knows the most about popular movies.

- Most Likely To: Another game offered by Gamestar is 'Most Likely To'. This game allows users to nominate people based on crazy dilemmas and circumstances, providing a fun and interactive way to discover what their friends and family really think.


Gamestar App & Play is a versatile app that takes board games and card games to the next level. By offering interactive Appcessories for popular TV gameshows and a variety of stand-alone games, the app provides endless entertainment for users. With features like Movie Trivia and Most Likely To, the app caters to various interests and allows for engaging gameplay experiences. Whether it's enhancing existing board games or enjoying standalone games on the go, Gamestar App & Play is a must-have for game enthusiasts.



  • I only want the buzzer, why can't I only download it alone???
    2024-04-03 15:42:10
  • Best game show sound app!
    2024-04-03 09:54:12
  • I wish they was a press your luck bonus round simulator
    2024-04-01 20:31:12
  • Terrible couldn't play game
    2024-04-01 17:38:47
  • This doesn't work. Wasted money on this game.
    2024-04-01 11:15:18
  • It doesn't work
    2024-04-01 08:57:27