Tonk Star Classic Card Game
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Tonk Star Classic Card Game is a thrilling and addictive card game that is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. Whether you prefer playing against the computer or real players, it has got you covered. With its fast-paced gameplay, Tonk Star is a draw and discard game that will test your strategy skills. Similar to Gin Rummy and knock rummy, this game is easy to learn and incredibly fun to play. Plus, it's completely free to download! With over 500 levels and high roller tables of 50,000 coins, you'll never run out of exciting challenges. Play at your own speed, whether you like it fast or slow, and earn free coins every few hours. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through the game, and if you ever encounter any issues, our VVIP customer service is there to help. Customize the rules of the game to your liking, and earn achievements as you level up. Compete with other players on the leaderboard and never get bored with our daily challenge mode. The objective of Tonk is to discard all your cards by forming a sequence or set, and the player with the least amount of points wins. Check out the detailed rules in the app to learn how to play. So what are you waiting for? Download Tonk Star now and let the fun begin!

Features of Tonk Star Classic Card Game:

* Play against the computer anytime: Enjoy the convenience of playing Tonk Star whenever and wherever you want, even when offline.

* 500+ Levels with high roller tables of 50,000 coins: Challenge yourself and climb the levels while betting big for bigger rewards.

* Play at your own speed – Fast or slow: Tailor the gameplay experience to your preference by choosing the speed that suits you best.

* Get free coins every few hours: Never run out of coins with the frequent free coin rewards that will keep you going.

* Simple and intuitive interface: Experience a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience with an easy-to-use interface that anyone can navigate.

* VVIP Customer service: Receive prompt assistance and personalized support by reaching out to the Tonk development team directly for any concerns or suggestions.


Tonk Star Classic Card Game is the ultimate card game that offers endless fun for players of all levels. With easy access to single-player mode, high-stakes tables, customizable rules, and daily challenges, this app guarantees hours of nonstop entertainment. The intuitive interface, frequent coin rewards, and top-notch customer service make Tonk Star a must-download for card game enthusiasts. Play now and experience the thrill of becoming a Tonk legend.



  • I truly enjoy this app for the simple reason no time limit. Im doing 10 things at a time as a business owner . But I can easily go back resume game!!
    2024-03-28 08:47:36
  • This is a great app easy to understand and play. Very addictive if u love the game. Also good to practice on for when u play in Tournaments or with your friends.
    2024-03-27 04:29:18
  • A great game to pass the time. Fast...Fun...and easily addictive. Love that it has minimal ads disruptions.
    2024-03-26 14:05:39
  • its tonks me when I'm in the middle of hand especially when it's my lead. Also sucks when I want to double tonk it won't let me but plays my laid down hand I try to keep. Going to find to see if there are better games
    2024-03-26 01:34:43
  • I fell in love with Tonk playing with my friends. They have all moved away and left me with no one to play with until I found out about this app. Now I have a way to satisfy my Tonk need and I thank you from the bottom of ny heart!
    2024-03-24 23:49:52
  • I used to play tonk in a cardclub for money.This game does not let you fall or knock as the game says until it goes around you several times after you have spread thus giving the other players time to spread or get low.I take it this games plays hit and hold because if someone hits you can't knock.Its a good game overall.
    2024-03-24 17:59:39