Blender - Fruit Slice Game Mod

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Blender - Fruit Slice Game Mod is a unique and exciting defense game that puts a twist on the classic fruit slicing concept. In this game, the tables have turned, and it's the fruits' time for revenge! Angry fruits are invading your kitchen and attacking your blender, and you must prove yourself as a true defender by defending it. With simple touchscreen controls, you'll enter a world of 2D tower defense with upgrades and levels. As you progress, you'll face different types of fruits with unique powers, and you'll need to strategically defend your blender. With multiple cities to protect and a thrilling Survivor mode, Blender - Fruit Slice Game is a must-play for fans of fruit slicing and tower defense games. Download it now and become a master in fruit swipe free games!

Features of Blender - Fruit Slice Game Mod:

- 2D tower defense game: Blender - Fruit Slice Game is a thrilling 2D tower defense game that combines the excitement of fruit slicing with upgrades and levels.

- Simple controls: The game is easy to play with simple touch screen gestures, making it accessible for players of all ages.

- Popular arcade game: Blender - Fruit Slice Game is one of the most popular arcade games available for free, offering hours of fun for kids and adults.

- Different locations: The game allows you to defend various cities from the invading fruits, including Cabo, Honolulu, and Miami.

- Survivor mode: Unlock the Survivor mode and test your skills by resisting fruit attacks for 100 levels.

- Challenging enemies: Each fruit enemy in the game has unique abilities and powers, making the gameplay more challenging and exciting.

Tips for Users:

- Know your enemy: Learn about the different fruit enemies and their abilities to come up with the best defensive strategy.

- Upgrade your blender: Earn coins by successfully defending against wave attacks and use them to upgrade your blender for better defense.

- Complete achievements: Progress through the game and complete achievements to unlock rewards and show off your skills.

- Master your skills: Practice your fruit slicing skills and improve your ability to resist fruit attacks.

- Stay vigilant: As you progress, the fruit enemies will become stronger, so stay focused and adapt your strategy accordingly.


Blender - Fruit Slice Game Mod is a distinct and addicting tower defense game that blends fruit slicing with thrilling gameplay, upgrades, and difficult stages. With simple controls and popular arcade game mechanics, this game is suitable for players of all ages. Defend different cities from invading fruits, unlock Survivor mode for endless challenges, and become the top defender by resisting 100 waves. Upgrade your blender, master your skills, and defeat the ruthless Melon King to bring an end to the invasion. Download Blender - Fruit Slice Game now and embark on a thrilling fruit-swiping adventure!