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Unicorn Math Game is the ultimate app for studying mathematics in a fun and engaging way! With over 400 questions prepared, covering topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and number sense, this app is suitable for all grades. Study anytime, anywhere with this game and enjoy the easy, funny, and amazing features it offers. Each question is accompanied by dubbing tips, so there is no need to worry about understanding. Choose your grade, find the right answers, and if you make a mistake, the app will show you the correct answer. You can even try different math modules like time, money, and number sense. Download now to experience the best way to study math! Please note that your use of this app is subject to the Terms of Service and the collection and use of your data is governed by the Privacy Policy, both available at https://www.makerlabs.net.

Features of Unicorn Math:

- Suitable for all grades: This app is designed to cater to all levels of learning, making it suitable for students of any grade.

- Study anytime, anywhere: With this app, students can study conveniently at any time and from any location. It provides flexibility in learning.

- Over 400 prepared questions: The app offers a wide variety of questions, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and number sense. This ensures that students have a comprehensive learning experience.

- Dubbing tips for each question: To aid understanding, each question comes with dubbing tips. This feature helps students grasp the concepts easily and overcome any confusion.

- Multiple math modules: The app offers various math modules, such as time, money, and number sense. Students can explore different types of math problems and enhance their skills in specific areas.

- Clear guidance on how to play: The app provides clear instructions on how to play the game. It ensures that students know the rules and can engage in an interactive learning experience.


Unicorn Math Game is an educational app that offers a range of features to facilitate effective and enjoyable learning. With its suitability for all grades, accessibility, diverse set of questions, dubbing tips, multiple math modules, and user-friendly interface, this app provides an attractive learning platform for students. By downloading this app, users can improve their math skills while having fun.



  • Very leaning, good very good
    2024-06-03 11:31:44
  • My sister is a unicorn lover and her maths is so nice so she loved
    2024-06-03 05:21:56
  • It's not working waste of time
    2024-06-01 19:04:03
  • I dont know how to play i just saw the hippo opening his mouth and i dont know much more help me to understand
    2024-06-01 12:04:55
  • Really very bad, disgusting!!!!
    2024-06-01 04:14:22
  • I like this math game it's so cool i love it
    2024-06-01 02:43:26