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Welcome to Pepi School: Playful Learning, the app that combines learning and fun to create an engaging educational experience! Step into our virtual school where you can attend classes, interact with classmates, and decorate your very own classroom. In our Sports Space, unleash your inner athlete and enjoy various outdoor activities that promote teamwork and staying active. In the Learning Hub, embark on educational adventures through puzzles and mini-games, and then relax with the latest tech gadgets and board games. Explore the great outdoors in our Nature Zone, where you can learn about plants, participate in exciting outdoor adventures, and even race snails! Customize your school by decorating each classroom and dressing up your characters with stylish sportswear. We believe that education should be fun, and at Pepi School, we aim to spread a positive outlook on education, inclusion, and diversity. With over 20 imaginative characters and various themed school areas, there's something for everyone. So, join us and let's create some wonderful memories together at Pepi School!

Features of Pepi School: Playful Learning:

⭐️ Sports Space: Explore an outdoor sports classroom where you can engage in various athletic activities and experience the thrill of teamwork.

⭐️ Learning Hub: Enter the main classroom and embark on educational adventures through interactive puzzles, games, and even origami. Take a break with tech gadgets, books, and board games.

⭐️ Nature Zone: Discover the wonders of the great outdoors by nurturing plants in the greenhouse, growing fruits and vegetables in the garden, and even participating in exciting activities like a snail race.

⭐️ Customize Your School: Personalize each classroom with stickers and posters, allowing your creativity to shine. Dress up your characters in stylish sportswear and vibrant accessories for special events.

⭐️ Keep the Education Fun: Pepi School believes in combining laughter and learning to make education interesting and joyful. Engage in diverse activities and interact with inclusive and imaginative characters to create your own stories.

⭐️ Exciting Updates: Stay tuned for new classrooms, activities, and characters as the school expands, ensuring there is always something fresh to explore and enjoy.


Pepi School: Playful Learning is a dynamic and immersive app that offers a unique blend of interactive education and entertainment. With its diverse range of themed classrooms, outdoor adventures, and customization options, it provides an engaging platform for children to learn, have fun, and celebrate differences. Join the cool and inclusive community at Pepi School and start creating unforgettable memories today! Click here to download the app now.