Calming Crosswords

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Introducing Calming Crosswords, your go-to escape from daily stress. With over 5000 levels of gradually increasing difficulty, this addictive word game offers a soothing challenge. Immerse yourself in serene global locations, accompanied by stunning animations and sounds, while expanding your vocabulary and geographical knowledge. Compete against players of similar skill levels and track your progress on the leaderboard. Let Calming Crosswords whisk you away to a world of relaxation and mental stimulation, where every puzzle brings a moment of tranquility amidst life's hustle and bustle.

Features of Calming Crosswords:

- Immersive Gameplay: Take a break from daily stress and relax with this addictive word game.

- Extensive Level Variety: Enjoy over 5000 puzzle levels that progressively get more challenging.

- Best Word Game Dictionaries: Challenge yourself with carefully selected words curated by experts.

- Stunning Locations: Discover and play in peaceful and charming places from around the world, enhanced with beautiful animations and sound effects.

- Educational and Engaging: Improve your vocabulary and geography skills while having fun.

- Multiplayer Mode and Leaderboard: Compete against players of similar skill levels and track your progress on the leaderboard.


Calming Crosswords is the ultimate word game that offers an immersive and relaxing gaming experience. With its extensive level variety, carefully curated word dictionaries, and stunning locations, players can enjoy a fun and educational gameplay. The multiplayer mode adds a competitive edge, while the leaderboard allows players to track their progress and compete against others. Suitable for all ages and supported on both phones and tablets, this game is a must-have for word game enthusiasts. Download now and embark on a calming journey around the world!



  • The game is challenging. However, having to reenter words twice??! To all who play this game to help improve memory issues, it's cruel. There are also numerous clues referring to death and dying. A little on the dark side, perhaps? It's not clear what audience you're appealing to, but try lighten up a little. There are more than enough words in our language to choose from and enough sadness and tragedy today that a positive approach would be refreshing and appreciated. Thank you.
    2024-05-18 00:52:32
  • Great distraction with little games in between puzzles to keep you on your toes.
    2024-05-17 21:44:57
  • It really is calming and helps to keep my old brain in shape.
    2024-05-17 08:43:07
  • fun to play. don't like the advertising but what to do?
    2024-05-15 20:37:00
  • Very nice game, love the different places and the game is a great way to spend your time.
    2024-05-15 20:11:12
  • This is not a game, it is an ads machine. Friends, I also installed it and uninstalled it after 20 minutes. Don't waste your time and MBs by installing it. You have to see 120 ads in 20 minutes.
    2024-05-15 18:10:05