Marbel Gim Petualangan Puasa

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Introducing Marbel Gim Petualangan Puasa, a special app designed to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. It is important for Muslim children to learn about the significance of the Ramadhan month from an early age. This app covers a wide range of topics, from fasting and intention, to Sunnah prayers such as tarawih and sahur, as well as zakat and Eid prayer. With Marbel, children can learn all these materials in a fun and enjoyable way. There are also Muslim games included, like waking up for sahur and helping others. The app combines learning and playing to create a more engaging learning experience. All the materials are presented in an attractive format with pictures, narration, and animations to capture children's attention. Marbel is a comprehensive and interactive educational app for children aged 2 to 8 years old. So, let's join Marbel and make learning a joyful experience for children!

Features of the Marbel Gim Petualangan Puasa:

- Complete learning package: The app covers various aspects of Ramadan such as fasting, prayers, zakat, and Eid-ul-Fitr. It provides a comprehensive learning experience for Muslim children.

- Interactive games: The app includes educational games that keep children engaged and help them understand the benefits of fasting, sahur, and other Ramadan practices. The games are designed to be fun yet educational.

- Attractive graphics and animations: The app presents the learning material in an appealing visual format with attractive images, sound narration, and animations. This helps in attracting children's attention and making the learning process more enjoyable.

- Sharpening skills through educational games: In addition to learning about Ramadan, the app also includes educational games that help in developing various skills such as memory, agility, problem-solving, and more. This makes the app a valuable tool for children's overall development.

- Child-friendly content: The content of the app is designed to be easily understandable for children. The language used is simple and accessible, making it easier for children to comprehend and practice their learning.

- Multiple learning formats: The app combines learning with playing, creating a more enjoyable learning experience for children. The interactive nature of the app keeps children engaged and motivated to learn more.


Marbel Gim Petualangan Puasa is a comprehensive and engaging app that introduces children to the significance of Ramadan in a fun and interactive way. With its complete learning package, interactive games, attractive graphics, and child-friendly content, the app provides a valuable resource for Muslim children to learn about and practice important Ramadan rituals. By combining learning with playing, the app makes the whole experience more enjoyable and effectively captures children's interest. Marbel Puasa is a must-have app for parents looking to teach their children about Ramadan and its practices.



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