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Welcome to the Palindrome Game! Sign in to unlock new levels and picture hints. Discover the fascinating world of palindromes, where words can be read the same from left to right or right to left, like "LEVEL". With over 500 levels, including game levels, player levels, and language packs, there are endless challenges for you to solve. Drag and drop letters to compose palindromic words or sentences while earning points and competing against other players on multiple leaderboards. Enjoy the easy-to-play game with non-intrusive ads, a minimalistic design, and an easy-to-navigate UI. Download now and start boosting your brainpower with this addictive and educational app!

This app offers several features that make it attractive to users:

- Sign-in for new levels and picture hints: Users can sign in to access new levels and receive picture hints that can assist them in solving the puzzles.

- Palindrome word game: The app offers over 500 levels of palindrome word puzzles for users to solve. Palindromes are words or sentences that read the same way from left to right and right to left.

- Easy-to-play and non-intrusive ads: The game is designed to be easy to play, allowing users to drag and drop letters to form palindromes. Additionally, the ads in the game are non-intrusive, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

- Multiple hints available: Users can use various hints, including letter hints, word hints, and picture hints, to help them solve the puzzles and earn more points. These hints can be valuable tools for users who may be stuck on a particular level.

- Compete against other players: Users can earn points in each level and compete against other players on multiple leaderboards. This adds a competitive element to the game and motivates users to improve their skills.

- Language level packs and achievements: The app offers 17 language level packs, allowing users to play in their preferred language. Additionally, there are plenty of achievements for users to unlock and enjoy the feeling of success.

In conclusion, this app is a fun and engaging word puzzle game that offers a variety of features to keep users entertained. With its easy-to-play interface, non-intrusive ads, and the ability to compete against other players, this app is likely to attract users who enjoy challenging themselves with word games. The inclusion of multiple hints, language level packs, and achievements further adds to the app's appeal. Overall, this app is worth considering for those looking for a captivating word puzzle experience.



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