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Welcome to Alphablocks World, a fun and educational app that helps children aged 3+ learn to read. With videos and interactive books, learning to read becomes easy and exciting. Alphablocks World is brought to you by the BAFTA award-winning team at Alphablocks Ltd. and Blue Zoo Animations Studio. The app offers more than 80 episodes filled with fantastic characters, songs, and adventures that help children master their letters, sounds, and words. Each episode has been carefully crafted with the help of literacy experts to ensure a best-practice approach to phonics. Alphablocks World is a safe, ad-free digital world for your child to explore. Click here to download now!

Features of the App:

- More than 80 episodes of engaging videos and interactive books that help children aged 3+ learn to read.

- Alphablocks World is a fun and educational app with phonics videos and stories.

- The app can be streamed or downloaded, allowing children to enjoy Alphablocks from anywhere.

- The content has been carefully crafted with the help of literacy experts to ensure a best-practice approach to phonics.

- The app is safe and ad-free, complying with COPPA and GDPR-K regulations.

- The app offers a free 7-day trial and subscription options with varying lengths and prices.


Alphablocks World is an exceptional app that provides a fun and educational learning experience for children aged 3+. With a wide range of entertaining episodes and interactive books, children can master their letters and sounds while conquering increasingly challenging words. The app's focus on phonics and compatibility with early years curricula make it a valuable tool for learning to read. Additionally, the app's safety measures, including COPPA and GDPR-K compliance and ad-free content, ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for children. With the option to stream or download content, Alphablocks World offers convenient access to engaging educational materials from anywhere.



  • I like this game and my kids love alphabets world but they like number bocks too
    2024-04-01 13:40:03
  • So many alphablocks to meet, but can you unlock the locked ones?
    2024-04-01 03:37:24
  • Downloaded and it's just a black screen.
    2024-03-31 22:29:17
  • Signed up but cannot access more than the 1st part, disappointing
    2024-03-31 09:32:04
  • Waste of money just purchased this game and it doesnt even open , my little boy is so disappointed.
    2024-03-30 22:15:10
  • Very good game my baby brother is learing its very fun thank you and he is 3 years old
    2024-03-30 08:00:25