Hashi: Bridges

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Hashi: Bridges GAME is the ultimate bridge-connecting puzzle app that offers endless fun and intellectual entertainment for puzzle fans of all ages. Using pure logic, players must connect bridges between islands to form an interconnected path. Each puzzle is based on a rectangular arrangement of circles, with each circle representing an island and the number indicating how many bridges are connected to it. The objective is to connect all islands according to the number of bridges, ensuring no more than two bridges in the same direction. With highlighting options, graphic previews, and a variety of difficulty levels, Hashi guarantees hours of challenge and fun. Download now and sharpen your logic skills!

Features of this app:

- Addictive bridge-connecting puzzles: The app offers a collection of addictive bridge-connecting puzzles that were invented in Japan. These puzzles require pure logic and no math to solve, making them suitable for puzzle fans of all skills and ages.

- Connect bridges between islands: The objective of the puzzles is to connect bridges between islands in a rectangular arrangement of circles. Each circle represents an island, and the number in each island indicates how many bridges are connected to it.

- Highlighting options: The app features highlighting options that help the user see in which directions bridges are allowed and whether an island segment is about to become isolated. This feature enhances the user's puzzle-solving experience.

- Puzzle library with continuous updates: The app offers a puzzle library that continuously updates with new content. This ensures that users always have a fresh supply of puzzles to solve and never run out of intellectual entertainment.

- Weekly bonus puzzles: For added fun, the app includes a Weekly Bonus section that provides an extra free puzzle each week. This feature keeps users engaged and encourages them to come back regularly for new challenges.

- Cognitive skill development: Playing these puzzles sharpens logic and improves cognitive skills. They provide hours of intellectual challenge and fun while also serving as a brain exercise.


Hashi: Bridges GAME is a highly engaging and entertaining app that offers addictive bridge-connecting puzzles. With its user-friendly interface and an extensive puzzle library, users can enjoy hours of puzzle-solving fun. The highlighting options and weekly bonus puzzles enhance the user experience, while the cognitive skill development aspect adds educational value. Whether you are a puzzle enthusiast or someone looking for a challenging yet enjoyable game, Hashi is the perfect choice. Download now and start connecting bridges between islands!