NetBridge - No Root Tethering

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Introducing NetBridge - No Root Tethering, the ultimate solution for sharing your cellular data or extending your existing WiFi connection! With this no-root tethering app, you can share your cellular data or create a WiFi hotspot from a mobile device that is already connected to WiFi. What sets the app apart is its ability to use a custom DNS server, granting complete control over browsing. NetBridge - No Root Tethering boasts low resource consumption, ensuring minimal drain on device resources. Its user-friendly interface follows material design guidelines, offering a modern experience. Say goodbye to expensive tethering plans; the app hides tethering activity effectively. With WiFi tethering, forget about slow Bluetooth connections. Trust NetBridge - No Root Tethering for a seamless experience, thanks to event-driven programming and native Android development. With easy setup and high-quality animations, unlock your internet connection's full potential!

Features of NetBridge - No Root Tethering:

⭐️ Share cellular data or extend existing WiFi connection: The app allows users to either share their cellular data with other devices or extend their existing WiFi connection to other devices.

⭐️ Custom DNS server: Users have the option to set a custom DNS server, allowing them to optimize their internet connection.

⭐️ Low resource consumption: The app is designed to consume minimal resources, ensuring it does not slow down or drain the device's battery.

⭐️ Easy to use & nice UI: The app has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features. The design follows the modern material design guidelines and incorporates high-quality animations.

⭐️ WiFi to WiFi tether & Cellular network to WiFi tether: Users can create a WiFi hotspot from their mobile device that is already connected to WiFi or share their cellular network to WiFi tether.

⭐️ Hidden & undetectable tethering: The app ensures that the tethering is completely hidden and undetectable, eliminating any need for tethering plans or fees.


NetBridge - No Root Tethering is an impressive app that offers convenient features for sharing and extending internet connections. With its ability to share cellular data or extend WiFi connections, along with a custom DNS server option, users can optimize their internet experience. The app's low resource consumption ensures efficient and reliable performance, making it suitable for low-end devices. Its easy-to-use interface and modern design further enhance the user experience. Don't miss out on this must-have app - click to download now!