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PlayKeyboard is an innovative AI keyboard app that personalizes your typing experience and minimizes mistakes. With its real-time sentence improvement feature, it corrects typos and helps you use the right words and syntax, ensuring accurate and effectively delivered messages. Say goodbye to bothersome typos and enjoy better sentence structure and smooth typing. But it doesn't stop there! PlayKeyboard also allows you to create your own keyboard theme, expressing your personal style and interests. You can even translate words directly from the keyboard and use shortcuts to quickly enter frequently used information. With unique features like moving custom emoticons and a wide range of keyboard designs, PlayKeyboard adds a playful touch to your digital life. No matter the language, PlayKeyboard supports multiple languages, making it easy to communicate with foreign friends. Whether you're a blogger, messenger app user, or frequent money transferer, PlayKeyboard is the perfect companion for all your mobile typing needs. So why settle for ordinary keyboards when you can have a personalized and efficient typing experience with PlayKeyboard? Try it out now and bring your digital conversations to life!

Features of Plkey - AI Keyboard, theme:

> Smart AI Keyboard: The app uses innovative AI technology to swiftly correct typos and improve sentence structure, resulting in accurate and effectively delivered messages.

> Customizable Themes: Users can create their own unique keyboard themes to express their personal style and preferences, allowing for a more enjoyable and personalized typing experience.

> Translation Function: The app allows for seamless translation of words directly from the keyboard, eliminating the need to switch to other translation apps like Google Translate.

> Shortcut Clipboard: With a single touch, users can enter frequently used information such as phone numbers, addresses, accounts, emails, and contacts, saving time and effort.

> Fast Text Replacement: The app's "frequently used words" feature enables users to register text replacements for faster typing, making it easier to enter commonly used phrases or sentences.

> Moving Custom Emoticons: The world's first moving custom emoticon keyboard brings a fun and interactive element to typing, with emoticons that react to the words being typed.


Plkey - AI Keyboard, theme is a highly recommended app for users who want to personalize their keyboard and minimize typing mistakes. With its smart AI technology, users can enjoy real-time sentence improvement and accurate communication. The app also offers customizable themes, translation function, shortcut clipboard, fast text replacement, and moving custom emoticons to enhance the overall typing experience. Whether you're a frequent messenger user, a blogger, or someone who likes to personalize their digital life, PlayKeyboard is the perfect app for you. Download now and enjoy a keyboard full of personality and convenience.



  • PlayKeyboard - Fonts, Emoji is still my favorite keyboard app. Aftter trying many different keyboard apps in the Google Play store we always return to this app because of convenience, features and ease of use.
    2024-06-15 09:01:39
  • i used a link to download this different version with iOS deysa sound. i had to use a link , to get that and the annoying part that it told me to update the application i updated it on v-appstore. and it says to retry. i tried and tried again but it says to retry! i deleted applications i dont use, and tried again and it still says to retry! now i had to download it from playstore. is this me or this is a bug , but thefore it is still a cute keyboard whoo ho! also very useful
    2024-06-14 20:17:18
  • why i can't change my keyboard theme ?? it repeat me to do the same things whenever i want to change my themes.
    2024-06-14 05:10:26
  • im not sure why but free themes is buggy in my phone oppo n3 flip, the theme is not applying. also after download it s not going to my themes, so if i want to use it i have to redownload over n over again.
    2024-06-13 18:47:38
  • I really loved PlayKeyboard, especially the cute themes, but I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't has Portuguese and Chinese (my two most usual languages). Please, add them as soon as possible.
    2024-06-13 17:02:44
  • Nice Keyboard cute themes but needs more improvements. Emoji should have a dedicated key and the emoji diversity does not work. Auto capitalization doesn't work. Gif function is also missing, a lot of features are missing here, however app has potential it just needs more feature. I'll use Gboard again.
    2024-06-12 10:46:44