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With the EDF & MOI app, managing your energy usage has never been easier! Access your customer account to view your EDF account status and consumption on the dashboard, submit meter readings every two months for accurate billing, monitor the installation of your Linky™ meter, track your energy expenditure day by day with the "Mynewsfeed" feature, set an annual consumption target to stay within, adjust your monthly payment based on actual consumption, better understand changes in your consumption and anticipate expenses with projections, receive energy-saving advice, discover the equipment consuming the most energy in your home, manage your bills and payment method, download important documents, and easily declare claims. The app also allows you to compare different energy offers, access useful telephone numbers, contact EDF on social media, receive alerts about your invoice, and activate the app with voice control using "OK Google". The app is designed to be accessible to visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing users, and fingerprint authentication is available on compatible devices. Download the app now to have all your energy information at your fingertips!

Features of the EDF & MOI app:

- Dashboard: The app provides a dashboard that allows users to see the status of their EDF account and their energy consumption at a glance.

- Meter Readings: Users can easily send meter readings every two months to ensure accurate billing.

- Linky™ Meter Monitoring: Customers can monitor the installation of their Linky™ meter by the Enedis distributor.

- Energy Expenditure: The app offers a "Mynewsfeed" feature for customers with a communicating Linky™ or Gazpar™ meter, allowing them to track their energy expenditure day after day.

- Energy Management: Users can set an annual consumption target and receive alerts if it is exceeded. They can also adjust their monthly payment to match their actual consumption (for customers with a communicating Linky™ meter).

- Additional Features: The app also provides various other features such as energy-saving advice, equipment monitoring, bill payment, contract management, claim declaration, useful telephone numbers, comparison of energy offers, and more.


EDF & MOI is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing energy consumption. It provides convenient access to account information, meter readings, and energy expenditure tracking. The app also offers features for energy management, such as setting consumption targets and adjusting payments. Additionally, it includes various useful features like bill payment, contract management, and energy-saving tips. Overall, the app is a valuable tool for EDF customers to monitor and manage their energy usage efficiently.



  • The app was ok until 4 March even if it lags by two days. Since 5 March I no longer get consumption tracking. I reported this TWICE on EDF international help line. I have had no resolution, no contact and the problem continues
    2024-06-12 01:29:27
  • I cannot get onto the app. It say an update is required, but no update available. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still says an update is required !! Frustrating.
    2024-06-11 10:45:30
  • Turns out that you can create an account by entering your phone number as a string of zeros. Once you get past the account creation problem, the app. isn't bad.
    2024-06-11 09:06:56
  • Really good app Allows me to track our usage and be more efficient. To get 5 stars, data should be updated more frequently, why not real-time? To obtain 5 stars, I would like to see real-time consumption coming and synchronilsed with Linky.
    2024-06-09 18:07:53
  • Useful to see what you are using and easy to use.
    2024-06-09 11:33:57
  • Great app, but I can't give 5* since it doesn't work when I am abroad (France) and so, I am not able to pay my bills on time. Unfortunately, it is a stupid security measure from EDF France side.
    2024-06-09 05:27:10