Glip Screen Recorder & Rewards

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Introducing Glip Screen Recorder & Rewards that lets you effortlessly record your gaming videos at a stunning 60fps, capturing every detail with in-game sounds and crystal-clear microphone recording. With multiple bitrate and resolution modes, you can tailor your videos to perfection. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a seamless recording experience. Gain accessibility permission to communicate with your teammates through the in-game microphone and record videos with their voices. What's more, you can win exciting rewards from web3games and even participate in free-to-play quests and tournaments sponsored by web3games. Plus, easily stream your gaming videos to popular streaming apps like Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and more, complete with in-game sounds, microphone audio, overlays, and the ability to chat with viewers. Click now to download and elevate your gaming content creation!

Features of Glip Screen Recorder & Rewards:

- Gaming Video Recording: Record gaming videos at a smooth 60 frames per second, capturing both in-game sounds and microphone recordings.

- Multiple Bitrate & Resolution Modes: Choose from different bitrate and resolution options to suit your preferences and device capabilities.

- Lag-Free Performance: Experience seamless recording without any lag or interruptions.

- Team Communication: Enable accessibility permission to talk to your teammates using the in-game microphone while also recording video with in-game sounds.

- Web3 Game Rewards: Earn rewards by playing web3 games and participating in free-to-play quests and tournaments.

- Streaming Compatibility: Stream your gaming videos to popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Customize your stream with overlays and engage with viewers through chat.


Capture and share your gaming experiences with Glip Screen Recorder & Rewards. With features like high-quality video recording, clear in-game sound and microphone recording, multiple bitrate and resolution options, lag-free performance, and the ability to communicate with your teammates, this app enhances your gaming content creation. Additionally, you can earn rewards through web3 games, participate in quests and tournaments, and easily stream your videos to popular platforms. Download now to unlock your gaming potential!