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The SFR & Moi is your one-stop solution for managing all your Mobile & Box lines. Easily track your consumption and invoices, control your budget, and pay your latest bills. Customize your offer to suit your preferences, whether it's entertainment, international services, or security. Manage your contract effortlessly, consult important information, and modify your personal details. Troubleshoot your SFR Box, check its status, and receive priority contact with technical experts. Easily manage your WiFi network, personalize and share your network name and WiFi key, and optimize WiFi coverage with SmartWiFi repeaters. Access SFR assistance and find answers to your questions. Available for free download for SFR customers in France.

Features of SFR & Moi:

- Consumption and invoice tracking: The app allows users to easily track their consumption and view their invoices for their mobile and SFR Box lines. This feature provides detailed monitoring of usage and helps users stay within their budget.

- Offer customization: Users can manage their offers by choosing the package that best fits their needs. Whether it's entertainment, international services, or security, the app provides numerous options to cater to users' desires.

- Accessories ordering: Users can conveniently order accessories for their mobile devices directly through the app. This feature saves time and allows users to easily find and purchase the accessories they need.

- Contract management: The app provides an easy way for users to manage their contracts. Users can receive alerts and important information regarding their lines, modify personal details, and access after-sales service files.

- Box troubleshooting: Users can check the status of their SFR Box at any time and run diagnostics if necessary. This feature ensures that users can identify and resolve any issues with their Box quickly.

- WiFi management: The app allows users to easily manage the WiFi settings of their SFR Box. They can personalize and share their network name and WiFi key, check the quality of their connections, and activate or deactivate WiFi as needed.


The SFR & Moi app provides a comprehensive solution for SFR customers to control and manage their mobile and SFR Box lines. With features such as consumption tracking, offer customization, accessories ordering, contract management, Box troubleshooting, and WiFi management, the app offers convenience and flexibility to users. Its user-friendly interface and ability to easily access important information make it an attractive option for SFR customers. Click the link below to download the app and start enjoying its benefits.



  • It's fine. Easy to use. Does what I want it to. Nothing else to say really
    2024-06-11 02:06:10
  • i call 3 time i have problem my internet its really slow and my TV its not working they say we xall you tomorrow at 9.30 the didn't call me yet
    2024-06-11 00:06:51
  • A very good operator for internet and I love their services
    2024-06-09 15:02:19
  • Really bad application, you cannot find worst
    2024-06-09 08:44:28
  • non opérative, browser depended, not clear
    2024-06-09 06:52:08
  • Worse can not be developed. Absolutely no customer oriented garbage
    2024-06-08 22:57:54