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Flash Alert - Flash App is a free app that provides flash notifications and alerts for incoming calls and messages. When a call or message arrives, the flash of your phone will blink to signal the notification. In addition to being a flashlight app that helps you turn on the flashlight on your mobile with one touch, FlashApp also provides other helpful features such as frequency flicker, a camera flashlight to find objects, and a compass. It is a useful application that should be available on Android phones, especially for those in noisy areas or for the hearing impaired. You can customize the length of each flash and there is also a Do Not Disturb mode. Download FlashApp now and never miss an important call or message again!

Features of Flash Alert - Flash App:

- Flash alert and notification for incoming calls and messages.

- One-touch flashlight activation.

- Additional helpful features like frequency flicker, camera flashlight, and compass.

- LED flash notification for calls, messages, and app notifications.

- Customizable length of each flash.

- Do Not Disturb mode to control when the flash alerts are active.


This app, called Flash App, is a useful tool for Android phones that provides flash alerts and notifications for incoming calls and messages. It also offers a convenient one-touch flashlight function along with additional features like frequency flicker, camera flashlight, and compass. The LED flash notification feature ensures that users don't miss any important calls or messages, especially in situations where the phone may be on silent mode or in noisy areas. The app is free, doesn't drain the phone's battery, and is user-friendly. By using Flash App, users can easily stay updated and alerted without the need to constantly remember to turn on and off flash alerts.



  • If I could give 0 stars, or negative stars, I would. This app is a nightmare. Accessing a flashlight on a smartphone should be effortless. With this app, you have to fight ads constantly... just to have better sight of something far more necessary than advertisements.
    2024-06-11 09:58:42
  • Best app for flash notification ✔️
    2024-06-11 09:22:26
  • It is not clear how to use a really obscure newspaper
    2024-06-11 01:58:19
  • Riddled with invasive ads rendering the app almost unusable. Don't even bother.
    2024-06-10 16:44:39
  • 2024-06-10 07:32:20
  • To Many Ads
    2024-06-09 06:58:58