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Mint Mobile is a premium wireless app that offers affordable plans for just $15 a month. With unlimited talk and text, as well as a monthly allocation of 5G and 4G LTE data, our plans provide everything you need without any unnecessary extras. Download our free app to easily manage your account, activate a plan, or try us out with a free 7-day test drive. Keep track of your data usage, change or renew your plan, and even refer friends to earn free Mint credits. You can also create a Mint Family and manage up to 4 accounts under one login. Activate and set up your plan directly through the app. And the best part? You can try Mint for free for 7 days, including 250 minutes of talk, 250 text messages, and 250MB of 5G/4G LTE data. When you love us, upgrade to a full plan within the app. Join the Mint Mobile movement and download the app now!

Features of this app:

- Manage your account: Keep track of your monthly data usage, change and renew your plan, and refer friends to earn free Mint.

- Manage your family: Create a MintFamily and manage up to four Mint accounts under one login. Change and pay for members' plans and pay for member's add-on requests.

- Activate your plan: Activate and set up your Mint plan or trial plan.

- Try us out for FREE: Try Mint for free directly on your phone for seven days. The trial includes 250 minutes of talk, 250 text messages, and 250MB of 5G/4G LTE data.

- Easy upgrade: When you love us, upgrade to a full plan directly in the app.

- Social media presence: Follow Mint on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated and learn more.


With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your account, track data usage, and change plans. The ability to create a MintFamily and manage multiple accounts under one login makes it convenient for families. The app also allows users to activate and set up their plans effortlessly. Additionally, the free trial period gives users a chance to experience Mint's services before committing to a full plan. Overall, Mint Mobile offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use app for wireless management.



  • So, I went to the Mint Mobile website. Once I was on site, there was a pop-up for an exclusive offer that I'd get if I gave my email address to them! The offer from my email says, " Buy 3 months of Mint Mobile and get three months free! " IT DOES NOT SAY, " Buy 3 months and get 3 months free on a separate line. " Liers and misleaders! I have the picture and the email if anyone would like to see it or have it forwarded to them! Luckily, I can't post it in this.
    2024-06-11 14:23:43
  • I do not like tricks. With Mint mobile, your wifi slows down very frustratingly even with a reliable home or school wifi. That to me is not right. I used other networks that run annually. Once my data is out i am limited in my service outside my home or school wifi. But i has access to internet so long as i am home or in school and can still use my phone. This is NOT THE CASE FOR MINT MOBIKE. once my 1 yr contract is over am switching. i do not like tricks. Am highly disappointed in Mint Mobil
    2024-06-11 07:09:34
  • Experienced nothing but issues during and after the switch. Will be going back to my old provider. The support staff is useless it's just people with no tech experience sitting in front of a questionnaire, they read through it and tell you damn that sucks. Figure it out. Do not give your money to this scammy company!!!
    2024-06-11 02:17:20
  • mint mobile is the best phone carrier hands down. they offer more, give more than any other phone carrier out there. the only bad thing about meant that I've experienced, is that for some reason you can't use your credits towards anything but your phone bill. which and of itself is a good thing because saving money is what it's all about. so like I said mint mobile is the best phone carrier hands down.
    2024-06-10 21:13:13
  • Love the price but have had many calls not connect - telling the caller my phone is not in service! I've gotten voice mails 1-2 days after they were left. I'm on the fence about keeping it since I don't feel it's reliable in an emergency
    2024-06-10 16:08:58
  • when it actually works I like it because it's laid out well and it's very user-friendly. the problem is it's so ridiculously buggy it almost never works it's similar to the website when you access it on mobile it's 404 errors 80% of the time
    2024-06-10 13:25:11