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Introducing MyTelkomsel - Buy Package, the ultimate one-stop solution for all your digital and telecommunications needs. With its fresh and modern design, MyTelkomsel offers credit balance, various data packages, and complete digital services. Not only that, but it also integrates with IndiHome and TelkomelOne, providing solutions for telecommunications, entertainment, and your lifestyle. You can now sign up, monitor your internet usage, buy add-ons, pay bills, and access your IndiHome account all in one place. Enjoy a tailor-made shopping experience with personalized package offers and vouchers for discounts on your next purchase. Check your data usage transparency, search for packages, and watch the latest movies and series powered by MAXstream. Complete fun missions and get attractive rewards through the Stamp Berhadiah program. And if you have any questions, Vero the virtual assistant is here to assist you. Download MyTelkomsel - Buy Package now to open up endless opportunities for you and your lifestyle.

Features of this App:

- One-stop solution for all digital and telecommunication needs.

- Provides credit balance, data packages, and digital services.

- Offers various promos and rewards.

- Integrated with IndiHome and TelkomelOne.

- Tailor-made shopping experience with personalized package offers.

- Data usage transparency and monitoring.


MyTelkomsel - Buy Package is an all-in-one app that provides a comprehensive solution for all digital and telecommunication needs. With its modern look and user-friendly interface, users can easily access and manage their credit balance, data packages, and digital services. The app offers various promos and rewards to enhance the user experience. Additionally, the integration with IndiHome and TelkomelOne allows users to access their accounts and enjoy seamless internet connections. The app also provides a tailor-made shopping experience with personalized package offers. Users can easily monitor their data usage and credit balance transparently. Overall, it is a convenient and efficient app that caters to the diverse needs of its users. Download now to explore all the features and opportunities it offers.



  • Latest version 8.0.1 all allways force close on login, i can't use it. My device Samsung S6 Edge (g925f) Android 7.0. I use Version 7.5.0 no problem.
    2024-06-11 14:49:54
  • Slow & unresponsive. EDIT Admin responds: Please contact us immediately bla.. bla.. What for? There are tons of similar complaints and never any improvement. Better to uninstall and save 200MB of storage.
    2024-06-10 12:53:05
  • This newlh application is more complicated compare to last one. You need to do simple things with many advantage, not vice versa. Thanks.
    2024-06-10 04:26:55
  • Your latest update has a glitch of repeatedly sending the same link for verification despite new attempts on getting new links. Please attend! Disappointment to customers or else re-deploy the old one.
    2024-06-09 04:37:29
  • The more update we get the more complicated the interface, please just bring the old one back, simple still the best
    2024-06-08 11:11:03
  • Better the previous version, there is no option to view other accounts that have been connected. Please share the previous version url address. Thank You.
    2024-06-08 07:11:05