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Automatic Call Recorder is the ultimate solution for all Android users (Samsung S20, S10, S9, Android Pie, Android 10, etc.) who want a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder. With this app, you can easily record phone calls from both sides with clear voice quality. Enjoy features like auto recording for incoming and outgoing calls, clear HD quality recordings, easy search options, and the ability to add special numbers to record calls between them. You can also share and manage recordings, add important ones to favorites, backup to the cloud, lock recordings for privacy, and even use it as a voice recorder for notes and memos. This app is fast, user-friendly, and consumes less power and RAM. Download now and revolutionize your call recording experience!

Features of the Automatic Call Recorder app:

- Phone Call Recording: Automatically records incoming and outgoing calls with clear HD quality on both sides.

- Special List: Allows users to add specific numbers to the special list and only record calls between those numbers.

- Share & Manage Recordings: Enables users to share recordings with others through social apps, or rename recordings, and access caller details from recordings.

- Add Recordings to Favorites: Allows users to mark important phone call recordings as favorites, which is helpful for business and personal purposes.

- Multiple Audio Formats & Source: Supports various recording formats such as AMR, WAV, AAC, and MP3 and provides options for recording auto, own voice, opponent voice, etc.

- Backup to the Cloud: Automatically backs up telephone recordings to the cloud for easy retrieval and storage.


The Automatic Call Recorder app provides a simple and smart solution for recording phone calls on Android phones. With its user-friendly interface and features like clear HD quality recording, special list for selective recording, and easy management of recordings, it offers a convenient way to save and share important conversations. Additionally, the app supports multiple audio formats, allows for cloud backup, and even includes a voice recorder feature for taking notes and memos. Overall, this app caters to the needs of users who require a reliable call recording solution, making it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use.



  • Plain and simply awful. Does NOT record anything but your own voice, no matter if the call is outbound or inbound. Total waste of an app! Zero stars more appropriate! Response to developer's reply: I have attempted to use your app in multiple settings and conditions and the app will simply not record the other person's voice whatsoever, just mine. So this is something that annoyed me because this was the 4th app I have tried that does this and does not work. I subsequently downloaded Cube and that worked perfectly with minimal adjustments. You might want to look at how your app interfaces with Android and come up with some workarounds that work. Or it is never going to be of any interest to users. Thanks.
    2024-04-02 06:57:53
  • It actually works like I want it too. It records ALL incoming calls that I want recorded. And if I don't want a call recorded I can very easily turn the recording off with the touch of a button.. Thank you Call Recorder!! Thank you!! I've tried others and they didn't work. This one does.. Highly recommend if you are looking for an app to record your incoming calls..
    2024-04-01 05:38:51
  • Not really satiafied with the app. The issue is unless the speaker is turned on from the app setting it only records my voice. I don't want people around to hear my conversation. Please suggest what can be done to rectify this issue. Otherwise, when speaker is turned on it does automatically records both incoming and outgoing calls. However, that is not how i want it to work.
    2024-04-01 00:49:29
  • Use to be an amazing app. It did its job. But now it records the 2nd half of the call and continues after call had ended so can hear my TV and such. It sometimes doesn't record call at all but instead records after the call has ended. And now it had erased several of my recording several which are important. If not fixed soon, I will no longer use this app!!!
    2024-03-31 13:29:54
  • It works on my Samsung A73. Beginning having problems. But after a few settings prompt by the developer, it works well. Sound quality from both parties is clear. It immediately goes to the recorded audio & can play immediately. Adverts pop-up did not hinder my playback. There is one with good reviews that I uninstall [ forget which one ] have many pop-ups. It disrupts my usage whenever I use it. Thumps up for this APP
    2024-03-30 22:21:40
  • Used for about 8 months, works great and I could put up with the ads, but got a lot worse since last update, no longer starts automatically when I turn the phone on not matter what I do with the settings and the ads are now really intrusive popping up over other apps even when using them. A shame because otherwise a good app, never missed a call. So now trying other apps.
    2024-03-30 11:06:09