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Unblock Vpn Proxy Browser
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UPX: Unblock Sites VPN Browser is the top-rated proxy browser app for Android, with over 7 million users worldwide. This app can unblock websites by changing your IP and keeping you anonymous online. With UPX Browser, you can enjoy the best private browsing and anonymous browsing services. It is a free and unlimited fast proxy, VPN browser for Android that unblocks sites, bypasses blocked websites, and allows you to browse the web privately. With UPX, you can unlock websites for free, access all banned and blocked websites, and protect your online privacy. Download UPX now and enjoy the freedom of the internet!

Features of the UPX: Unblock Sites VPN Browser:

- Unblock Websites: The app can bypass website restrictions by changing your IP address, allowing you to access blocked websites.

- Anonymous Browsing: The app provides a private browsing service, ensuring your online activities remain anonymous.

- Free and Unlimited: The app is free to use and offers unlimited browsing with no bandwidth or speed limitations.

- Built-in VPN Proxy: The app has a built-in VPN proxy that routes your traffic through servers in different countries, enhancing your privacy and security.

- Anti-block Sites: You can unblock popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using UPX.

- Fast Internet: The app is designed to be lightweight and fast, providing a seamless browsing experience.


UPX: Unblock Sites VPN Browser is a top-rated proxy browser app for Android, with over 7 million users worldwide. It offers features such as website unblocking, anonymous browsing, and built-in VPN proxy. The app is free, unlimited, and ensures fast internet access. With its strong privacy and security features, UPX is a reliable tool for accessing blocked websites and protecting online privacy.



  • The app was already Great but since I installed it On My Phone , I was always Connecting to The VPN another connection in order to Get access To It , it was completely annoying it doesn't start Up Just by using VPN
    2024-04-02 22:21:23
  • This app is useless and doesn't work, and the new add pop ups made this app horrible to use, and my phone is Samsung s21 utra and has the and software is up to date it's not my phone its your app thats not working anymore
    2024-04-01 06:26:14
  • This app was a great app, but there's some problems while i browse, some images won't load, i've tried modified the settings but nothing helped, please fix this.
    2024-04-01 03:18:36
  • Ads for now there was only 1 ad, 2 upon opening, I'm hoping that, that does not destroy this browser. This's my first time using this. Don't be like google. Will uninstall if you dont fix the ad issue, thanks.
    2024-04-01 01:49:28
  • recently, I have experienced uncontrolled ad music that never stops even after closing the ad. especially the new Chinese online store. it is annoying and you can't get anything done as it plays on the highest sound level
    2024-03-31 10:54:47
  • Best VPN browser. The Chrome based browser make it compatible with most website. It's fast and work well. Ads quite intrusive sometime, but I just deal with it.
    2024-03-31 01:12:27