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Introducing the UTK.io for Minecraft PE app for MCPE! With this app, you can easily download and upload maps, mods, skins, and texture packs. Discover and share awesome seeds, or create your own. Join big MCPE multiplayer servers and enjoy the game with others. Use the PixelEditor to create unique skins or texture packs. The SkinCreator allows you to create new skins from scratch, edit existing ones, and even steal skins from other players. You can also upload them to your minecraft.net account or apply them to MCPE with just one click. The TexturePackCreator lets you create and edit texture packs and install them with one click. Use the Tuner/OptionsEditor to enable hidden options, night vision, and skinny arms, and customize your username. Please note that this is an unofficial application and not affiliated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, Minecraft Brand, and Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB. Click here to download the app now!

Features of UTK.io for Minecraft PE:

- Download Maps, Mods, Skins, and Texture Packs: Users can easily download various resources for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) such as maps, mods, skins, and texture packs.

- Upload Your Own: Users have the option to upload their own creations, including maps, mods, skins, and texture packs, to share with the community.

- Explore and Add Seeds: Users can discover and add their own unique seeds for generating different worlds in MCPE.

- Multiplayer Servers: Access and play on large multiplayer servers specifically designed for MCPE.

- Pixel Editor: The app includes a pixel editor that allows users to create or edit their own skins and texture packs.

- Tuner/Options Editor: Users can enable hidden options in the game, such as night vision and skinny arms, and customize certain aspects such as username color and flat world generation layers.


UTK.io for Minecraft PE provides a comprehensive platform for MCPE players to enhance their gameplay experience. Users can easily download and contribute various resources to customize their game, including maps, mods, skins, and texture packs. The option to explore and add unique seeds adds to the diversity and creativity in generating worlds. The access to multiplayer servers designed specifically for MCPE encourages social interaction and collaboration among players. Additionally, the inclusion of a pixel editor and tuner/options editor allows users to personalize their game even further. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, this app is a must-have for MCPE players looking to optimize their gaming experience. Click here to download the app now!