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Movepic Mod is an exciting photo editing app that allows users to create moving videos with music. With millions of downloads and trusted by users, the app constantly updates and refreshes itself to provide the best versions. The app offers unique features, such as creating 3D effects that can move in different directions and speeds. Additionally, users can enjoy special effects like pixel dispersion to make their photos more vivid and unique. The app also offers a super camera fx 3D effect, a rich sticker collection, filters, and the ability to insert music. With Movepic Mod, users can unleash their creativity and become trend-leading designers, creating and sharing unique animations on their favorite social media platforms.

Features of Movepic Mod:

* Photo-to-Video Editing: Movepic allows users to convert still photos into moving videos. Users can add music to their videos, making the editing process more exciting and dynamic.

* 3D Effects: The app offers the unique ability to create 3D effects that move in different directions and speeds. This feature adds depth and vibrancy to photos, making them more visually appealing and unique.

* Special Effects: Movepic provides a wide range of special effects, such as the pixel dispersion effect, which enhances the quality of raw photos. Users can adjust the speed, direction, and style of the effects to create stunning and vivid images.

* Super Camera FX: The app introduces a new feature called Super Camera FX, which transforms traditional camera photos into lively and realistic images. The 3D effects breathe life into still photos, creating an immersive experience for viewers.

* Select and Shuffle: Movepic allows users to select and shuffle the best parts of multiple images, resulting in a unique blend of visuals. This feature adds a touch of creativity and surprise to the editing process, leaving users impressed with the final results.

* Music Integration: Users can easily insert music into their animated videos directly within the app. Movepic regularly updates its music store with trending sounds, ensuring that users can always find the perfect soundtrack for their creations. Additionally, users can extract audio from other sources and seamlessly integrate it into their videos.


Movepic is an innovative and user-friendly app that brings photos to life by transforming them into dynamic and engaging videos. With features like 3D effects, special effects, and Super Camera FX, users can unleash their creativity and produce stunning visual content. The ability to select and shuffle the best parts of multiple images adds a unique touch to the editing process. With music integration and a rich sticker collection, users have endless options to enhance their videos further. Download Movepic now to create captivating animated videos and share your unique creations with the world.