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Introducing Glitch (glitch4ndroid), the ultimate glitch photo editing app that allows you to quickly create unique digital artwork with just a few taps. Become a digital artist and add that cool "nerd" touch to your pictures with 26 unique effects like Pixelsort, Datamosh, and JPEG|PNG|WEBP glitch. Upload your photos and easily edit them to create stunning glitch art. Export your artwork in JPG format or record MP4 or GIF animations. Embrace imperfections and let them create a new beauty in your pictures. Join the glitch community on Instagram by using the hashtag #Glitch4ndroid to get featured on the glitch website. Glitches are all around us, even if we can't perceive them. Let Glitch help you uncover the beauty in the unexpected. Download now!

Glitch (glitch4ndroid) Features:

- Glitch Photo Editing: The app offers 26 unique effects, including Pixelsort, Datamosh, and JPEG|PNG|WEBP glitch, allowing users to quickly create digital artwork with glitch effects.

- Photo Upload and Editing: Users can easily upload their photos to the app and edit them with the available glitch effects, adding a "nerd" touch to their pictures.

- Export Options: The app allows users to export their artwork in different formats such as JPG, MP- or GIF animations, giving them flexibility in sharing their creations.

- User-friendly Interface: The app is designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels to navigate and create glitch artworks.

- Social Media Integration: Users can share their glitch creations on social media platforms like Instagram by using the app's dedicated hashtag #Glitch4ndroid, giving them an opportunity to be featured on the glitch website.

- Educational Background: The app provides users with information about glitches, explaining the concept and its prevalence in information technology. It also references the inspiration behind glitches, relating them to cyberpunk and sci-fi movies, subcultures, and music influences.


Glitch (glitch4ndroid) is a feature-rich photo editing app that allows users to easily create digital artwork with glitch effects. With its wide range of its effects and export options, users can unleash their creativity and add a unique touch to their pictures. The user-friendly interface and social media integration make it an attractive choice for both beginners and experienced digital artists. Additionally, the educational background provided by the app adds a deeper understanding of glitches and their inspiration. Click to download and start creating glitch artworks today.



  • I've had a bad experience with app once but now it works as promised. Thanks to the developer who regularly maintains and updates the app. I like its current set of tools and am all looking towards new effects and creative possibilities.
    2024-05-12 10:29:46
  • I have had this app for many years. Luca has come a long way since the begining and I have every bit of confidence that Luca will take it even further. I love this app it has so much the other glitch apps do not have. Thank You Luca, keep up the great work!!!
    2024-05-12 08:42:01
  • Ive been really happy with photos but the video effects often crash and on the play video setting, I couldnt even get 13 seconds of video to work without crashing.
    2024-05-12 04:39:04
  • I love the options but was a little insulted or should I say disappointed when I paid for the app itself and it didn't offer exactly what it was showing to me in the trial period I don't want to complain because it's still a great app but I was excited to use the easy set format instead of just getting specific items and if it told us that I would have been understanding of it especially after my last amazing review;) but I do thank you guys for coming up with a great app regardless
    2024-05-11 20:08:12
  • It's a nice abic with a few options for making glitch art but it's hard to work through them all. It has cool features but I'm still trying to figure it all out.
    2024-05-11 03:10:51
  • This is very fun and has some really neat features - I haven't had it very long so I'm not sure if the devs will add new free effects but what's here already warrants a download and five star rating. Also, THERE ARE NO ADS.
    2024-05-10 23:12:02