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Introducing Bank Saqu, the digital banking app designed to accompany you on your journey to success. With Saqu Bank, you can enjoy various rewards and benefits for your hard work and daily financial needs. This banking service appreciates your efforts and helps you manage your finances smarter, so you can focus on being productive. Plus, the more friends you invite to join Saqu Bank, the more profits you'll receive! Open an account easily without a minimum balance and enjoy promotions for shopping, transportation, and dining with friends. Saqu Bank ensures your security with a double security system and offers superior products and features such as Pocket Variety, Boost Pocket, and Mission rewards. Don't worry, Saqu Bank is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority. Start something great in your life and download Bank Saqu now! For assistance, contact us via email or our Contact Center.

- Pocket Variety: This feature allows users to easily manage their income and expenditure allocations, making their goals in life feel closer.

- Busposito: A deposit feature that offers high interest rates if more people join, making it ideal for those with busy financial goals.

- Booster Pocket: A pocket where users can save their cashback after completing various missions and activating Tabungmatic, with interest rates of up to 10%.

- Mission: This feature rewards users daily for actively using Bank Saqu, encouraging continued use and engagement.

- BI-FAST feature: This feature allows users to save even more money, providing additional savings options.

- Licensed and supervised: Bank Saqu is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, offering a sense of security and trust to users.


Bank Saqu offers a range of features such as Pocket Variety, Booster Pocket, and Mission that can help users achieve their financial goals and earn rewards. The app is also licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, providing users with a sense of security. With its user-friendly interface and attractive features, Bank Saqu is a great choice for individuals looking for a convenient and rewarding banking experience. Download Bank Saqu now and start achieving your financial dreams!



  • Ini aplikasi udah lolos uat kah? Udah di test di berapa device android?. On boarding nulis nama ibu aja kagak bisa anjirr. Kek mana coba. Tolong dibenahin bug nya.
    2024-06-11 03:19:07
  • buka tabungan nya cepat & mudah, kurang dari 5 menit, mantap
    2024-06-10 17:56:34
  • Mudah registrasi nya dan aplikasi nya cukup simpel
    2024-06-10 09:31:47
  • Loh kook bisa ga memenuhi syarat pembuatan akun.
    2024-06-10 09:02:32
  • Merugikan penggunanya ini bank
    2024-06-10 01:07:05
  • Apps nya masih ada critical bug, untuk buka akun aja gak bisa dilanjutkan. Device Samsung A series. Mau masukkan nama ibu kandung dan kode pos gak bisa. Keyboard hanya muncul sekejap langsung hilang. Gak bisa back dan cancel pula, jadi screen stuck di situ gak bisa ke mana2. Tolong dibenerin apps nya. Kalaupun bisa apply by phone, jadi takut nanti bug keyboard nya tetap ada dan jadi gak bisa transaksi via hp.
    2024-06-09 14:55:56