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Introducing Jitta Wealth, the ultimate app for managing your wealth and investments with ease. Powered by automated investing technology, it helps you allocate your investments across various assets worldwide, following internationally accepted investment principles. With low fees and a disciplined portfolio management approach, it ensures that even general investors can invest correctly and achieve sustainable returns. Whether you're interested in stocks, global ETFs, thematic investments, or low-risk ETFs, it has got you covered. Download the app now and start building a stable and prosperous financial future.

Features of Jitta Wealth App:

- Automated Investing Technology: It utilizes automated investing technology to manage wealth for retail investors. This technology helps allocate investments across various assets around the world, ensuring a diversified portfolio.

- Jitta Ranking: The app offers a unique feature called Jitta Ranking, which ranks stocks based on Warren Buffett's investment principles. This AI-powered innovation identifies "excellent companies at a reasonable price" for long-term investment, aiming to beat the market index.

- Global ETFs: Jitta Wealth allows investors to invest in ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) from around the world. The app combines Modern Portfolio Theory with Warren Buffett's passive management approach, providing a balanced investment strategy suitable for most investors.

- Thematic Investing: With the app, investors can arrange their portfolios based on their belief in future business groups. The app offers ETFs that refer to specific industries or emerging markets, such as China and India. This allows investors to capitalize on high-growth opportunities and invest in hot industries like technology, health, gaming, or E-Sport.

- Low Fees: Jitta Wealth charges low and fair fees, making it accessible for general investors. By keeping fees low, the app aims to help investors invest correctly and generate good sustainable returns.

- Licensed and Trusted: It is the first WealthTech startup in Thailand to receive a private fund management license according to law. It is part of Jitta.com, a trusted company that has been providing value-based stock analysis since - The app is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, ensuring a secure and reliable investment platform.


Jitta Wealth App offers a comprehensive solution for retail investors looking to manage their wealth with peace of mind. With its automated investing technology, the app helps investors build a diversified portfolio across various assets globally. The unique Jitta Ranking feature, based on Warren Buffett's principles, identifies attractive long-term investment opportunities. Additionally, the app provides options for investing in global ETFs and arranging portfolios based on thematic preferences. With low fees and a trusted license from the Securities and Exchange Commission, it is a reliable and accessible platform for investors seeking sustainable financial growth. Download the app now to start your journey towards a stable and prosperous financial future.



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