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Mar Gregorios Movement Kuwait (MGM Kuwait) is a revolutionary app designed to bring together like-minded members of the church in an organized and efficient manner. Born out of the need for a unified platform in the early eighties, MGM Kuwait allows its users to connect with each other and engage in spiritual activities. It was formed by a group of passionate individuals in 1984, who named it after our beloved Patron Saint, Mar Gregorios of Parumala. This app serves as a hub where members can plan events, stay updated on parish news, and strengthen their faith in the name of our timeless traditions.

Features of MGM KUWAIT:

- Spiritual Community: The app, MGM Kuwait, is a platform dedicated to fostering a strong and vibrant spiritual community among like-minded members of the Church in Kuwait.

- Organized Setup: Recognizing the need for a structured and organized approach, MGM Kuwait provides its users with a well-coordinated and efficient platform, allowing them to connect and engage in a purposeful manner.

- Historical Significance: With roots dating back to the early eighties, it has a rich and longstanding history within the Kuwait Parish. It serves as a testament to the strong bond and devotion shared by its members.

- Patron Saint: Paying homage to their beloved Patron Saint, Mar Gregorios of Parumala, the app is a tribute to the establishment of the Kuwait Parish in - This saintly figure serves as an inspiration and guiding light for the community.

- Unity and Harmony: Through the app, MGM Kuwait brings together a diverse range of individuals, fostering unity, and promoting harmony among its members. Users can connect and share in their faith, creating a strong sense of belonging.

- Engagement and Participation: It encourages active engagement and participation from its users. With interactive features, such as discussions, events, and resources, the app ensures that members can deepen their spiritual journey and contribute to the community's growth.


MGM Kuwait is more than just an app – it is a gateway to a thriving spiritual community. Offering an organized and efficient platform, it allows users to connect, engage, and find inspiration through their shared faith. With its rich history, devotion to its Patron Saint, and commitment to unity and participation, it is a must-have app for individuals looking to strengthen their spiritual journey. Click now to download and join a vibrant spiritual community!