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Bale Social Payment Platform
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Bale is a social-financial network app developed by the National Bank of Iran. With Payamersan Bankii, users can easily exchange messages and do their banking activities in one place. The app allows users to chat with family and friends, share audio and video files, transfer money between cards, buy top-up and internet packages, pay bills, and even support charities. Additionally, the app offers messaging services with various features such as creating groups, private and public channels, and the ability to create and use stickers. Pa

Features of Payamersan Bankii app:

- Messaging services: Users can send text messages, audio, video, photo, music, and files. The app also offers various news, entertainment, sports, mother and child channels, and allows the creation of groups and private/public channels for content sharing.

- Sticker feature: The app provides a variety of stickers and allows users to create new ones. This feature adds a fun element to conversations and personalizes communication.

- Web version and multi-device support: Payamersan Bankii app can be accessed through a web version, allowing users to access messages via computers and laptops. Additionally, the app can be used simultaneously on multiple devices, including mobile, laptop, computer, and tablet.

- Financial services: The app offers a range of financial services, including card-to-card transfers between member banks, support for National Bank of Iran (JBAM) wallet, and usage of Nishan Bank services. Users can view account balances, perform card-related transactions, and receive banking advice without needing to visit the branch.

- Bill payment and utility services: Payamersan Bankii app allows users to inquire and pay mobile phone bills, landline phone bills, electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, and Maskan Bank facilities. Users can also purchase internet packages and recharge for various mobile operators.

- Charity and support: The app provides options for donating to charitable institutions and for receiving support from the bank for issues like issuing invoices, collecting charity, and receiving financial assistance.


Bale offers a comprehensive set of features that enable users to connect with their loved ones, perform banking transactions, and access various financial services. With its messaging capabilities, sticker feature, and multi-device support, the app provides an engaging and convenient communication experience. The inclusion of financial services like card-to-card transfers, bill payment, and support for various bank wallets enhances the app's utility for managing personal finances. Additionally, the app's support for charity and support services demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility. Overall, Payamersan Bankii app combines messaging and banking functionalities seamlessly, making it a useful tool for users in Iran.