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ZaadoptujFaceta, introduced in 2007, revolutionized online dating by prioritizing women's agency. Through the website and app, women select profiles for their shopping cart or accept suitors' advances, empowering them to initiate conversations. Men, on the other hand, express interest with "advances," ensuring communication only with reciprocated interest. This balanced approach prevents message overload for women and ensures meaningful interactions for men. With an equal gender ratio, competition is less intense. In 2017, ZaadoptujFaceta soared to popularity in France, facilitating over 200,000 couples in a year. Registration is effortless and free, with profile customization options including music taste and lifestyle. Utilize filters and geolocation for precise matches. The app offers a safe and enjoyable online dating experience with a touch of humor.

Features of ZaadoptujFaceta:

❤️ Women Empowerment: ZaadoptujFaceta is a pioneer in online dating specifically designed for women. It encourages women to take the initiative by allowing them to choose profiles and accept admirers.

❤️ Two-Way Communication: Men can also show their interest by sending "zauroczenia" (admirations) to women they are interested in. However, the ability to start a conversation depends on the acceptance of these admirations.

❤️ Equal Gender Ratio: The app maintains an equal balance of men and women, reducing competition and creating a less intense environment compared to other dating apps.

❤️ Simple and Free Registration: Signing up is quick and free. Users can register using their email address or Facebook account, and are encouraged to fill out their profile with information about their interests, lifestyle, and preferences.

❤️ Advanced Filters: With multiple filters and search criteria available, users can find their true love based on specific qualities such as elegance, non-smoking habits, and even zodiac sign.

❤️ Geolocation Feature: The app uses geolocation to help users discover potential matches in their vicinity, including attractive neighbors or people they pass by regularly in shops or on the street.


Ready for a safe and enjoyable online dating experience? ZaadoptujFaceta is the perfect app for you! Join the growing community of empowered women and men who are looking for love. With free registration, advanced filters, and geolocation features, finding your perfect match has never been easier. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and have fun along the way. Download now and start your exciting dating journey!