6. Sınıf Test Çöz Tüm Dersler

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6. Sınıf Test Çöz Tüm Dersler is designed specifically for 6th grade students. It offers online tests, class notes, and instructional videos for subjects such as Mathematics, Turkish, Science, Social Studies, English, and Religious Education. The tests are organized by units and topics, allowing you to identify your weak subjects and focus on them. In the test solving screen, you can use the "pencil" icon to make calculations on the questions. After completing a test, you can view your statistics, including the number of correct and incorrect answers, your score, and the time taken. The "Statistics" button on the main menu provides an overview of your performance in each subject and unit, with green background indicating scores above 70 and red indicating scores below 70. The app also allows you to store the data of completed tests and delete them whenever you want. It is designed to be user-friendly for young children and does not display inappropriate advertisements. You can also remove ads with the "Remove Ads" option. The app keeps track of previous test records and allows you to add difficult or incorrect questions to your favorites for future review. With the pencil button on the test solving screen, you can interact with the questions.

Features of 6. Sınıf Test Çöz Tüm Dersler:

> Online tests for 6th-grade subjects: The app provides online tests for various subjects including Math, Turkish, Science, Social Studies, English, and Religious Culture.

> Study materials: In addition to the tests, the app also offers study notes and video explanations for each subject, helping students understand the topics better.

> Detailed statistics: After completing a test, users can view their statistics, including the number of correct and incorrect answers, their score, and the time taken. This allows them to identify their weak areas and focus on them for further practice.

> Interactive features: The app allows users to perform operations on the questions using the "pencil" icon on the test solving screen. This feature enhances the learning experience and makes it more engaging for students.

> Performance tracking: The app provides comprehensive statistics on users' performance, both overall and on a per-unit basis. Subjects and topics with a score of 70 or above are highlighted in green, while those below 70 are highlighted in red. This feature helps students track their progress and areas for improvement.

> User-friendly and safe: The app does not require personal data such as email or phone number for registration, ensuring privacy and security. Moreover, it is designed to be child-friendly, with no inappropriate advertisements. Users also have an option to remove ads for an uninterrupted experience.


Download this app to access a wide range of online tests, study materials, and video explanations for 6th-grade subjects. Track your performance, identify weak areas, and improve your knowledge with this user-friendly and safe app. Enjoy interactive features, such as solving questions with the pencil tool. Get insightful statistics and remove ads for a seamless learning experience.